New Haven Easter Sunday Criterium

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Finished up the ECCC race weekend with a combined “C” field of 60 riders. Course was more or less a flat 1 mile rectangle. I started near the back to have the opportunity to take the turns “my way” a few times. Lap 2 I started moving up on the outside and was probably about 20-25 riders deep when a crash occurred just in front and to the left of me on a straightaway. 5 or so riders went down and the carnage spread over to my side of the road, boxing me into the curb/woods. I came to a complete stop and was delayed several seconds before i was able to roll around the edge of the wrecked riders and the woods. Unfortunately there was no catching the break. I caught one guy who seemed fairly strong and we traded pulls and ALMOST caught the peloton when they rang the bell for the first Prime. This accelerated the pack and took them out of reach.

We ended up collecting 3 other guys off the back of the pack (who were almost no help but nice company i guess?) and pace lined the whole race. I was highly motivated for the first 2/3 of the race because I needed to stay on the lead lap to gain credit for a “mass finish” to help me upgrade to CAT 4. Once I saw we were going to maintain the pack (never more than 20-30 seconds back) I relaxed a bit near the end.

Place: 42/60
Time: ~ 38 minutes
Distance: ~ 15 miles
Speed: 23.5 mph
Power: 271 watts (281 normalized)
Cadence: 99

Next race is in Long Island on Thursday with Sal. 17 mile circuit race. Then I’ll be in West Point over the weekend for my last college series weekend! Hoping for some better results


New Haven ECCC Bike Racing, Day #1

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New Haven Day #1:

9am – 4.03 mile uphill TT, 510 feet climbing. Road bike only (no areo equipment):

Race was so early that I did not have time to pre-ride course. Between getting confused/lost on turns (my responsibility) and having a car pull out in front of me (bad luck..) I was real frustrated by the end… Not sure of placing, results not up yet:

Time: 12:52
Distance: 4.03 miles
Speed: 19.0 mph
Average Power: 313 watts (315 normalized)
Cadence: 95

11:30am – 14.8 mile circuit race, 1350 feet climbing:

Course was a 4 mile loop, straight up a hill and straight back down over and over again. Highly technical descent left me hammering back onto the lead group at the bottom of each circuit (although did get better at it each time..). Started with ~35 riders and with one lap to go were down to 8 after dropping a lot of the field on the third time up the climb. I felt good at this point and was thinking about maybe having a chance to drop the other guys the last time up the climb (hilltop finish) when the lead motorbike stopped us FOR 2 MINUTES because we were catching the race ahead of us(instead of slowing them down and letting us go by). That let another 15+ riders catch back up to the field. I subsequently got stuck behind slow riders last time down the descent, barely made the distance back up to the lead pack on the flat, and had nothing to give on the last time up the climb. Finished with the lead group of 15 or so but had nothing for the last quarter mile uphill surge to the line. Disappointing day.

Time: 43:44
Distance: 14.8 miles
Speed: 20.6 mph
Average power: 248 watts (285 normalized)
Cadence: 94

Crit tomorrow.. looking to salvage the weekend.. legs feel awesome

10 x 400m

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Solid workout today. 10 x 400m w/ 2 minutes rest between each. Gave the workout pretty much everything I had:


Recovery Week Thoughts

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Spring semester final exams this week, so it seemed like a good time to schedule a lighter week of training. Last 3 weeks I trained 14, 15, and 11 hours, averaging about 7-10 hours on the bike and 4-5.5 hours running more or less. This included racing in some capacity on Saturdays and Sundays each weekend, so suffice it to say a week with a bit less volume was needed anyway.

This past weekend has got me real excited for the duathlon season which is coming up in 4 weekends. I’ll be opening at the Bronx Duathlon at the end of April, followed by a local duathlon in West Hurley, NY the next weekend, before competing in the “short” course version of American Zofingen on May 20th in the Catskills Mountains.

This past weekend in bad weather and on tired legs I was still able to run and ride to PR times of 17:12 (5k run) and 29:40 (20k bike). The training Iv’e been doing since December has been the most solid of any time in my life in any sport and I think there is more to come. Sub 17 and sub 29 are only going to take a bit of tapering and better weather from where I’m at right now. For the next few months these distances are going to remain my focus in each discipline and I’m definitely looking to be running mid 16’s and riding mid 28’s by the end of the spring. As far as I see it, my training plans are physiologically sound and then only thing that could derail me is overtraining/racing (or of course the random bike crash which is always a possibility).

As a side note, I’m already looking ahead to next year and I think short course Duathlon Nationals will be the goal. To podium, I’ll probably need to have the ability to run open 33 flat/15:45 10k/5k as well as easily under 1 hour for 40k on the bike. Not sure if thats one year away or not; depends on so much; but I think I have the athletic ability to get there if I continue to be motivated and keep training smart/healthy. Also, I’m still sitting at 160-165 lbs. I still think I have another 10 lbs to lose if I do things right and this will only help the speed in both disciplines.

-Random chatter session over-

Akron ITT

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Unofficially broke 30 minutes for 20k today in the first Buffalo Bicycle Club training race of the year. Not sure of exact time or placing but my PowerTap said:
Time – 29:40
Average Speed – 25.0 mph
Average Watts – 264 (261 normalized)
Distance – 12.39 miles

35-40 degrees, light wind, rain/sleet/snow made for slower times all-around for sure. TT’s hurt enough without the added mother nature aspect…

I’ll update/edit this later when I get the official race results, but very very happy

UPDATE –> 29:40 was the time.  1st in CAT 5 and 7th overall.  First place was 28:27, so I was not terribly off the pace.  Only my 2nd time on the TT bike since last fall so safe to say I should be able to make some quick gains with a bit more time on the bike.

Bengal Run 5k RR

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Finally got a new 5k pr under my belt. Training through this weekend but workouts have suggested that I was ready to throw down a pr time regardless of how weary my legs might be. I think I’ve finally figured out this pacing thing and am real happy with how things went:

Mile 1 – 5:31
—–Mostly with the wind at my back, I went out real slow and spent the rest of the first mile picking off runners who went out faster——

Mile 2 – 5:35
—– Wind at back, cross-winds, winds in face for this mile. I wanted to start pushing the pace but decided i was going fast enough and just tried to stay smooth. Finally was able to pass the lead girl during mile 2 (was very worried about getting chicked… she was so fast)——

Mile 3 – 5:27
—– Into the wind (7-13 mph or so) the whole way. I had no kick to give at the end.. completely spent. ——-

Last ".1" of the the race... wobbling all over the yellow line like a drunk.. thank God the final bit was downhill....

Overall time of 17:12, good for 6th place in what is traditionally one of the more competitive 5k’s in Buffalo (I think 30+ went under 20 minutes, which is usually how i measure the strength of the race).

I like to think that if I tapered for the race (and it was not 35 degrees and kinda windy) that I have the fitness to solidly drop under 17 minutes for a 5k right now. Hopefully I can keep improving from here — even this fitness level bodes well for staying with the front pack at any local/regional duathlon. Not sure when I’ll be running another 5k, but having a 16:xx finishing time is clearly something I’d like to do in the near future!

First ride on the Cervelo this spring

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Rode my TT bike for the first time this spring. Did 20 minutes at around threshold power. Turned out to be harder than that b/c of the power/aero tradeoff but I was pleased overall. On a road bike sitting up I can probably average just about 300 watts for 20 minutes. I averaged 272w in full aero position without killing myself, which is less than a 10% power loss (this is a standard benchmark). Averaged 24.0mph, which for the windy/hilly park I’m happy with. Think I’ll finally dip under 30 minutes at the first time trial on sunday if conditions permit!