Bronx Duathlon Victory!

Been busy with my physical therapy clinical, training, and racing lately.  Last thursday placed 5th of 17ish in a Pro,1,2,3,4 circuit race in Brooklyn.  Yesterday my mom ran her first 5k race ever, a tough hilly course in Lagrangeville, NY!  She ran the entire thing and ended up breaking 39 minutes and finishing exactly in the middle of the pack.  I also raced (last second decision) in less than appropriate running clothes and took second in 18:12 after sticking with the eventual winner for 2/3 of the race.  Today though, I won the Bronx Duathlon (on VERY SORE LEGS from those freaking hills yesterday).

Race was awesome.  Ran just over 5:40/mile pace for the first 2.9 mile flat run, shadowed the leader for the 6 lap technical, flatish bike course that ended up being a bit under 14 and a half miles, and then ran high 5:40’s/mile for the last 2.9 mile run, the last 2+ miles of it alone.  Runs were definitely near my limit (yesterday did NOT help haha) but I was never in any difficulty on the bike, which was a great sign.  Fun race.. hope to compete for the win again in West Hurley with similar distances next Sunday.


Such a technical course, i felt like I was on the horns half the race....


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