W.S. United Thursday night circuit race series RR

Went down to Brooklyn to race the CAT 3/4 circuit race and came away with a 3rd place finish after staying away in a race-long breakaway. Here is the report I posted to the Buffalo Velo team page:

last nights race:

19.2 miles
24.2 mph
288 average power (297w normalized, 980w spike to make the break, 1065w max on final sprint)
95 average cadence

Flat, bumpy, wide open to winds triangular course (overgrown abandoned airport runways right on the water in south brooklyn). Hung in the ~35 person peloton for the first lap, figuring out the crosswind situation. Riders were not aggressive with positioning, making it easy to hang in the back third of the group completely sheltered by the wind as the first few breakaway attempts yo-yo’d off the front.

Eventually found myself sheltered from the wind near the front of the field when someone off my right shoulder made a strong move just before the road changed to a .75 mile tailwind stretch. I followed him and we quickly gapped the field down the back straightaway. One other rider bridged and off we went. For a few laps we were about 20-30 seconds up but all of a sudden we were up a minute, 1:20, and then with 4 laps to go we were almost a full 2 minutes up on the field. I was told later that several people attempted to bridge throughout the race but there was never enough organization to pull us back.

I knew the eventual winner was a good sprinter (i could hear the announcer talk about him every time we came through the start/finish) so I tried to get away on the backstretch of the last lap. I gapped the other two for a bit but they pulled me back heading into the finishing stretch. We all started our sprints wayyyy too early and it was probably pretty pathetic looking by the time we finally got to the line, esp with the headwind finish (and especially me). Real good time and I had a few friends from the city watching/giving me splits at the start/finish every lap which was nice.


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