New Haven Easter Sunday Criterium

Finished up the ECCC race weekend with a combined “C” field of 60 riders. Course was more or less a flat 1 mile rectangle. I started near the back to have the opportunity to take the turns “my way” a few times. Lap 2 I started moving up on the outside and was probably about 20-25 riders deep when a crash occurred just in front and to the left of me on a straightaway. 5 or so riders went down and the carnage spread over to my side of the road, boxing me into the curb/woods. I came to a complete stop and was delayed several seconds before i was able to roll around the edge of the wrecked riders and the woods. Unfortunately there was no catching the break. I caught one guy who seemed fairly strong and we traded pulls and ALMOST caught the peloton when they rang the bell for the first Prime. This accelerated the pack and took them out of reach.

We ended up collecting 3 other guys off the back of the pack (who were almost no help but nice company i guess?) and pace lined the whole race. I was highly motivated for the first 2/3 of the race because I needed to stay on the lead lap to gain credit for a “mass finish” to help me upgrade to CAT 4. Once I saw we were going to maintain the pack (never more than 20-30 seconds back) I relaxed a bit near the end.

Place: 42/60
Time: ~ 38 minutes
Distance: ~ 15 miles
Speed: 23.5 mph
Power: 271 watts (281 normalized)
Cadence: 99

Next race is in Long Island on Thursday with Sal. 17 mile circuit race. Then I’ll be in West Point over the weekend for my last college series weekend! Hoping for some better results


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