New Haven ECCC Bike Racing, Day #1

New Haven Day #1:

9am – 4.03 mile uphill TT, 510 feet climbing. Road bike only (no areo equipment):

Race was so early that I did not have time to pre-ride course. Between getting confused/lost on turns (my responsibility) and having a car pull out in front of me (bad luck..) I was real frustrated by the end… Not sure of placing, results not up yet:

Time: 12:52
Distance: 4.03 miles
Speed: 19.0 mph
Average Power: 313 watts (315 normalized)
Cadence: 95

11:30am – 14.8 mile circuit race, 1350 feet climbing:

Course was a 4 mile loop, straight up a hill and straight back down over and over again. Highly technical descent left me hammering back onto the lead group at the bottom of each circuit (although did get better at it each time..). Started with ~35 riders and with one lap to go were down to 8 after dropping a lot of the field on the third time up the climb. I felt good at this point and was thinking about maybe having a chance to drop the other guys the last time up the climb (hilltop finish) when the lead motorbike stopped us FOR 2 MINUTES because we were catching the race ahead of us(instead of slowing them down and letting us go by). That let another 15+ riders catch back up to the field. I subsequently got stuck behind slow riders last time down the descent, barely made the distance back up to the lead pack on the flat, and had nothing to give on the last time up the climb. Finished with the lead group of 15 or so but had nothing for the last quarter mile uphill surge to the line. Disappointing day.

Time: 43:44
Distance: 14.8 miles
Speed: 20.6 mph
Average power: 248 watts (285 normalized)
Cadence: 94

Crit tomorrow.. looking to salvage the weekend.. legs feel awesome


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