Recovery Week Thoughts

Spring semester final exams this week, so it seemed like a good time to schedule a lighter week of training. Last 3 weeks I trained 14, 15, and 11 hours, averaging about 7-10 hours on the bike and 4-5.5 hours running more or less. This included racing in some capacity on Saturdays and Sundays each weekend, so suffice it to say a week with a bit less volume was needed anyway.

This past weekend has got me real excited for the duathlon season which is coming up in 4 weekends. I’ll be opening at the Bronx Duathlon at the end of April, followed by a local duathlon in West Hurley, NY the next weekend, before competing in the “short” course version of American Zofingen on May 20th in the Catskills Mountains.

This past weekend in bad weather and on tired legs I was still able to run and ride to PR times of 17:12 (5k run) and 29:40 (20k bike). The training Iv’e been doing since December has been the most solid of any time in my life in any sport and I think there is more to come. Sub 17 and sub 29 are only going to take a bit of tapering and better weather from where I’m at right now. For the next few months these distances are going to remain my focus in each discipline and I’m definitely looking to be running mid 16’s and riding mid 28’s by the end of the spring. As far as I see it, my training plans are physiologically sound and then only thing that could derail me is overtraining/racing (or of course the random bike crash which is always a possibility).

As a side note, I’m already looking ahead to next year and I think short course Duathlon Nationals will be the goal. To podium, I’ll probably need to have the ability to run open 33 flat/15:45 10k/5k as well as easily under 1 hour for 40k on the bike. Not sure if thats one year away or not; depends on so much; but I think I have the athletic ability to get there if I continue to be motivated and keep training smart/healthy. Also, I’m still sitting at 160-165 lbs. I still think I have another 10 lbs to lose if I do things right and this will only help the speed in both disciplines.

-Random chatter session over-


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