Bengal Run 5k RR

Finally got a new 5k pr under my belt. Training through this weekend but workouts have suggested that I was ready to throw down a pr time regardless of how weary my legs might be. I think I’ve finally figured out this pacing thing and am real happy with how things went:

Mile 1 – 5:31
—–Mostly with the wind at my back, I went out real slow and spent the rest of the first mile picking off runners who went out faster——

Mile 2 – 5:35
—– Wind at back, cross-winds, winds in face for this mile. I wanted to start pushing the pace but decided i was going fast enough and just tried to stay smooth. Finally was able to pass the lead girl during mile 2 (was very worried about getting chicked… she was so fast)——

Mile 3 – 5:27
—– Into the wind (7-13 mph or so) the whole way. I had no kick to give at the end.. completely spent. ——-

Last ".1" of the the race... wobbling all over the yellow line like a drunk.. thank God the final bit was downhill....

Overall time of 17:12, good for 6th place in what is traditionally one of the more competitive 5k’s in Buffalo (I think 30+ went under 20 minutes, which is usually how i measure the strength of the race).

I like to think that if I tapered for the race (and it was not 35 degrees and kinda windy) that I have the fitness to solidly drop under 17 minutes for a 5k right now. Hopefully I can keep improving from here — even this fitness level bodes well for staying with the front pack at any local/regional duathlon. Not sure when I’ll be running another 5k, but having a 16:xx finishing time is clearly something I’d like to do in the near future!


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