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Bengal Run 5k RR

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Finally got a new 5k pr under my belt. Training through this weekend but workouts have suggested that I was ready to throw down a pr time regardless of how weary my legs might be. I think I’ve finally figured out this pacing thing and am real happy with how things went:

Mile 1 – 5:31
—–Mostly with the wind at my back, I went out real slow and spent the rest of the first mile picking off runners who went out faster——

Mile 2 – 5:35
—– Wind at back, cross-winds, winds in face for this mile. I wanted to start pushing the pace but decided i was going fast enough and just tried to stay smooth. Finally was able to pass the lead girl during mile 2 (was very worried about getting chicked… she was so fast)——

Mile 3 – 5:27
—– Into the wind (7-13 mph or so) the whole way. I had no kick to give at the end.. completely spent. ——-

Last ".1" of the the race... wobbling all over the yellow line like a drunk.. thank God the final bit was downhill....

Overall time of 17:12, good for 6th place in what is traditionally one of the more competitive 5k’s in Buffalo (I think 30+ went under 20 minutes, which is usually how i measure the strength of the race).

I like to think that if I tapered for the race (and it was not 35 degrees and kinda windy) that I have the fitness to solidly drop under 17 minutes for a 5k right now. Hopefully I can keep improving from here — even this fitness level bodes well for staying with the front pack at any local/regional duathlon. Not sure when I’ll be running another 5k, but having a 16:xx finishing time is clearly something I’d like to do in the near future!


First ride on the Cervelo this spring

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Rode my TT bike for the first time this spring. Did 20 minutes at around threshold power. Turned out to be harder than that b/c of the power/aero tradeoff but I was pleased overall. On a road bike sitting up I can probably average just about 300 watts for 20 minutes. I averaged 272w in full aero position without killing myself, which is less than a 10% power loss (this is a standard benchmark). Averaged 24.0mph, which for the windy/hilly park I’m happy with. Think I’ll finally dip under 30 minutes at the first time trial on sunday if conditions permit!

Rochester Giro Race Report (training race; aka a bike scrimmage!)

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Had a good race in the last Rochester Giro today. Combined all riders into one race; had maybe a 25-30 person field? Finished 2nd out of the CAT 4/5 riders and 6th overall. 3 Guys were away and I came in a close 3rd in a small bunch sprint that came from what was left of the peloton after the last hill about a half mile from the finish. I was positioned perfectly going into the last sprint but misjudged where the finish line was and jumped off the group of 5 or 6 too early (I’m an idiot for not knowing exactly where the line was, i know…).

Spent most of the race hiding in the back of the pack and it definitely shows in the data:

Time: 1:09
Distance: 25.4 miles
Average Speed: 21.9 mph
Average power: 182 watts
Normalized power: 262 watts
Average cadence: 96 rpm

Other points of interest:
– final climb had a 30 second average of 629 watts to hold the front guys to allow me to contest the sprint for 4th on the road.
– spiked over 1000 watts 2x in the race but could only muster 907 watts when i made my jump for the line. That hill before smoked me hardcore.

I ended up taking 5th overall in the CAT 4/5 race series. I raced 4 of the 7 races and came in:

race 1: 3rd
race 2: missed a turn while in a breakaway and finished off the back
race 3: flat tire and dropped out
race 4: 2nd

Somehow this was enough for 5th overall, and for that I got a shiny $10 bill! Pretty much a pro rider now obviously. Awesome spring series though that I will be racing again next year. the GVCC (Rochester, NY club) guys were real friendly to me right away and I’m looking forward to riding with them again in the future for sure.

Tempo Wednesday

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Training continues to go well… hit a 5 mile tempo run today. goal was to stay between 6:10-6:20 (~20-30 seconds/mile slower than my theoretical race pace for the distance):

mile 1 – 6:19
mile 2 – 6:12
mile 3 – 6:14
mile 4 – 6:11
mile 5 – 6:12

overall pace – 6:13/mile

legs felt fatigued from a lot of training before workout started but was never under pressure to keep the pace up at any point in the 5 miles; felt good

First Interval workout in a while

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Now that my end of winter goal race is over (and the subsequent recovery week that followed) its finally time to get into the build phase for spring duathlons. While my “goal” race is American Zofingen at the end of May, my main objective is to compete for the win in every duathlon I enter, starting with the Bronx Duathlon at the end of April. My bike workouts for the next few months are simple: race hard every weekend and throw in 2-3 group rides and/or hard interval rides during the week. All other time will be dedicated to improving my running, which is probably the most important part of duathlon.

Here is what I did today. Pretty sure this is the fastest 6 x 800m set I’ve ever thrown down. Beautiful weather at the harbor in downtown Buffalo:

6 x 800m w/ 2:40 walking recovery between:


Not “all out” but I definitely pushed, especially on the last two. Pleased

NYC / NJ College Race Weekend

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Had a great race weekend in NYC/NJ:

Saturday – NYC crit, a 1.25 mile loop. Raced for 35 minutes + 3 laps. ~70 started the race and 59 finished (crashes/pulled riders). Held the peloton and avoided 3 separate crashes that all happened right in front of me. Last of the 3 was in the final sprint, which i chose to sit up during instead of contest 17th-15th place. Soft peddled over the finish line in 29th (everyone else had gotten dropped at some point). Was real happy with newfound bike handling skills that I really worked hard on in the offseason. No power/speed numbers.

Sunday – NJ Circuit race, a 6.2 mile loop 3x around. 20-25? in the race. Featured 3 descents, including one very technical one with several hairpin turns, and one short/steep climb as well as a more mellow ascent that led to a ~300m false flat drag to the start/finish. Spent a lot of time on the front, probably way more than I should have, but animated what would have been an otherwise very boring race (no team had more than 2 people representing so nobody wanted to do any work). Attempted a few breaks but never linked up with the right people. Tore up one climb at the bell lap which tore the peloton to shreds (spent 1 minute+ at > 450 watts for first time), leaving a group of 7. 2 Guys got away and i ended up in a sprint for third, which I lost miserably, ending up in 5th. Definitely did too much work, but happy with the fitness:

18.5 miles, 20.6 avg mph, 37 max mph, 240 average watts, 290 normalized watts, 972 max watts, 53.5 minute race.

Last 5 weeks of training leading up to Shamrock Run, in detail:

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This is for me as much as for anyone else reading, but since my “build” and “taper” for Shamrock Run seemed to produce great results, I want to document it so I can look back in the future at what worked for me this time around.


bike – 1:15 easy spin

Bike easy 1:10 w/ BV

Wednesday: 1:25
bike – Vo2 intervals – 0:40 (did 2 only)
Easy run – :45

easy run – :35 treadmill
run 800 repeats – 6 x 800 w/ 2:45 recovery

run easy – 1:00 treadmill
bike long – 2:06 in the park

bike long 2:30


TOTAL – (7:41/3:20) + Soccer game

Week 2

Monday: (1:11/1:30)
run – long easy (1:30)
Bike – trainer 2 x 20 threshold (1:11)

run – easy (:40)

run – easy (1:10)
Bike – ride w/ mark and dan (1:13)

Thursday: –> snowboarding

ride plan2peak/easy (3:24)
run easy treadmill (1:00)

bike ez (:30)
Run 3 x mile treadmill (5:40 on – 5:40 rest) (1:00)

run – easy (1:00)

TOTAL – (6:18/6:20) + soccer game, snowboarding

Week 3

bike trispot (1 x 20, 1 x 18, STEEP hill climb) (1:20)
run – 4 mile tempo –> 6:17/mile (1:00)

bike easy w/ BV (1:00)
Soccer x 2

run – easy (1:10)
Bike – vo2 crit workout (1:05)

run – easy w/ strides (1:00)

Bike – long ride, ez on trainer (2:15)
Run – easy brick off bike (:40)
bike easy – w/ DYCCC (1:30)

run – long treadmill (1:30)

ride easy (:45)

TOTAL – (7:55/5:20) + 2x soccer

Week 4

bike trispot 2 x 20, random efforts after (1:20)
run – 3 mile race simulation @ 5:56, 5:51, 5:36 (0:50)

Bike ez w/ Dan (2:05)

bike easy (2:00)
run – easy (1:00)

run – easy (0:30)
run – 3 x mile (5:38, 5:36, 5:33) (1:00)

Friday: (taper begins)
run – easy (:43)
bike – easy (1:00)

run – 8 mile “long run” (1:10)

bike – easy (1:00)

Total – (6:25/5:13) + soccer

Race Week

run – (:30)
bike – easy w/ a few short threshold efforts (:45)

Run – 3 x 1000 w/ 1 minute rest: 6:14/mile, 6:11/mile, 6:19/mile, 4 x 400m w/ full recovery: full recovery: 1:20, 1:20, 1:18, 1:17 (:45)

run – (:30)

bike – (:30)

run – (:20)

Saturday: Run 1:00 – Shamrock Run

Sunday: Ride 2:30 – spring giro 2

Total – (3:45/3:05)