Goals for this season

Expect many new entries on my blog in the next week leading up to the Shamrock Run next saturday. With tapering comes a lot of extra time and energy so this blog is probably going to be my outlet (lest I annoy and lose every friend I have otherwise).

In no particular order, here are all of my athletic goals (large and small) for the 2012 racing season:

– Under 30 minutes (sub 29) and come in top .5% in Shamrock Run 8k
– Under 17:30 in a road 5k
– Under 5 in a mile
– Under 57:00 at the Boilermaker 15k
– Under 3:03 at Niagara Falls Int Marathon

– Sub 29 minute 20k ITT
– Sub 60 minute 40k ITT
– 4 w/kg AND over 300 watt Functional Threshold Power
– CAT up to cat 4 and be one of the best bike handlers in the peleton

– Win or be competitive in every race I run. I feel like I’m getting close to the point that I should be able to stay with anyone in the area in a run/bike/run competition.
– Improve so that (next year?) I’ll soon be competitive on a regional/national duathlon level.  I have the numbers of sub 16 5k run and  27:45 for 20k ITT bike floating around in my head as the rough ability I’d need to train up to before this might be realized.  Maybe a few years away, maybe never, but who knows!?

more to come…


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