Last Pre-Taper Workout

3 x 1 mile today. Goal was to run each repeat at 5k pace with equal rest. Right now I’m guessing that I could probably JUST dip under 5:40/mile for 5k so that was my target pace. The only thing I did NOT want to do was run myself into the ground so although I went “too fast” for my repeats, I definitely did not feel like the effort was too great.

1 – 5:38 (Dan got 5:32. My watch might not have fully connected to the satellites yet..)
2 – 5:36
3 – 5:33

First 2 felt soooooooooo easy. Honestly did tighten up just a bit over the last 400m on the last one but could have ran 10-15 seconds faster for sure. Didn’t even feel like this was a real workout it felt so easy. I really have no idea how fast I’m capable of running right now but I cannot be happier with how well my buildup for the 8k next weekend has gone. Now it is time to sit back and enjoy the next 9 days of tapering. I’ll be itching to race by next Saturday, thats for sure.



*EDIT* –> last year’s splits before Shamrock Run, similar workout but went as hard as I could: 5:51, 5:36, 5:39.  Ran a 30:12 at the race a week later in the worst weather I’ve ever raced in.


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