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3 Mile “Race Tempo”

Posted in Uncategorized on February 20, 2012 by ryanjoyce21

2nd to last real run workout before the taper begins and it was another good one for me. Decided to do a 3 mile “race tempo” as a confidence builder for the first few miles of the actual race. The plan was to go out in 6:00 for the first mile, follow that up with a 5:55 second mile and then (hopefully feeling relaxed and easy at this point) bring it home in 5:4x without breaking form or having to dig too deep. Here’s what happened:

Mile 1 – 5:56 –> started at 6 pace and slowly accelerated into the run. Felt really really easy.

Mile 2 – 5:51 –> definitely was working for it, but still felt smooth and easy

Mile 3 – 5:36 –> as soon as I hit the last mile I dropped the pace to sub 5:30. Held that for a bit but allowed the time to drift back up in favor of maintaining an easy, comfortable stride. Briefly considered hammering the last mile and turning it into a 5k pr run but controlled the impulse and finished the workout with very little fatigue. Could have dropped a ~5:2x no problem, in my opinion.

Finished the run in 17:22, a 5:47/mile pace equal to my 5k pr pace, with plenty of gas left in the tank. Training could not be looking better 13 days away from Shamrock.