4 mile tempo…

…was the morning workout for today. Ran the workout on a mostly flat 1.8 mile loop by school with Colin. Winds were heavy coming off the water today and there was snow and ice all over the road, definitely making the workout harder/slower than it was otherwise planned. Goal in good conditions was to go between 6:09-6:19/mile (20-30 seconds slower than my estimated current 4 mile race ability). Because of the conditions, i decided to still run under 6:19, but stay as close to the high side of the 10 second range as possible.

6:25 (mostly against wind)
6:15 (mostly with wind)
6:17 (mostly against wind)
6:11 (mostly with wind)

25:10 overall time –> 6:17/mile

Felt very comfortable besides a few sections where i pushed a bit hard into the wind to keep pace. Form never broke down and feel like I could have kept going for a while longer. Overall a very positive (and cold) workout. Taper begins next thursday!


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