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Taper Update

Posted in Uncategorized on February 28, 2012 by ryanjoyce21

Still finding all this extra time on my hands somewhat unnerving. 30 minutes easy on the treadmill and 45 easy on the bike was all I did today. Woke up this morning definitely feeling fresher than I can remember feeling in a long time, which was a good feeling. Also noticed that I’m dropping weight a bit again –> I’ve found over these past 2 years of endurance training that it is way easier to drop weight when I’m NOT working out as much. Sitting right around 165 lbs (and dropping) and feeling very light. Hopefully I’ll also be feeling very fast by this weekend!


Goals for this season

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Expect many new entries on my blog in the next week leading up to the Shamrock Run next saturday. With tapering comes a lot of extra time and energy so this blog is probably going to be my outlet (lest I annoy and lose every friend I have otherwise).

In no particular order, here are all of my athletic goals (large and small) for the 2012 racing season:

– Under 30 minutes (sub 29) and come in top .5% in Shamrock Run 8k
– Under 17:30 in a road 5k
– Under 5 in a mile
– Under 57:00 at the Boilermaker 15k
– Under 3:03 at Niagara Falls Int Marathon

– Sub 29 minute 20k ITT
– Sub 60 minute 40k ITT
– 4 w/kg AND over 300 watt Functional Threshold Power
– CAT up to cat 4 and be one of the best bike handlers in the peleton

– Win or be competitive in every race I run. I feel like I’m getting close to the point that I should be able to stay with anyone in the area in a run/bike/run competition.
– Improve so that (next year?) I’ll soon be competitive on a regional/national duathlon level.  I have the numbers of sub 16 5k run and  27:45 for 20k ITT bike floating around in my head as the rough ability I’d need to train up to before this might be realized.  Maybe a few years away, maybe never, but who knows!?

more to come…

Last Pre-Taper Workout

Posted in Uncategorized on February 23, 2012 by ryanjoyce21

3 x 1 mile today. Goal was to run each repeat at 5k pace with equal rest. Right now I’m guessing that I could probably JUST dip under 5:40/mile for 5k so that was my target pace. The only thing I did NOT want to do was run myself into the ground so although I went “too fast” for my repeats, I definitely did not feel like the effort was too great.

1 – 5:38 (Dan got 5:32. My watch might not have fully connected to the satellites yet..)
2 – 5:36
3 – 5:33

First 2 felt soooooooooo easy. Honestly did tighten up just a bit over the last 400m on the last one but could have ran 10-15 seconds faster for sure. Didn’t even feel like this was a real workout it felt so easy. I really have no idea how fast I’m capable of running right now but I cannot be happier with how well my buildup for the 8k next weekend has gone. Now it is time to sit back and enjoy the next 9 days of tapering. I’ll be itching to race by next Saturday, thats for sure.



*EDIT* –> last year’s splits before Shamrock Run, similar workout but went as hard as I could: 5:51, 5:36, 5:39.  Ran a 30:12 at the race a week later in the worst weather I’ve ever raced in.

3 Mile “Race Tempo”

Posted in Uncategorized on February 20, 2012 by ryanjoyce21

2nd to last real run workout before the taper begins and it was another good one for me. Decided to do a 3 mile “race tempo” as a confidence builder for the first few miles of the actual race. The plan was to go out in 6:00 for the first mile, follow that up with a 5:55 second mile and then (hopefully feeling relaxed and easy at this point) bring it home in 5:4x without breaking form or having to dig too deep. Here’s what happened:

Mile 1 – 5:56 –> started at 6 pace and slowly accelerated into the run. Felt really really easy.

Mile 2 – 5:51 –> definitely was working for it, but still felt smooth and easy

Mile 3 – 5:36 –> as soon as I hit the last mile I dropped the pace to sub 5:30. Held that for a bit but allowed the time to drift back up in favor of maintaining an easy, comfortable stride. Briefly considered hammering the last mile and turning it into a 5k pr run but controlled the impulse and finished the workout with very little fatigue. Could have dropped a ~5:2x no problem, in my opinion.

Finished the run in 17:22, a 5:47/mile pace equal to my 5k pr pace, with plenty of gas left in the tank. Training could not be looking better 13 days away from Shamrock.

fun day of training

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Had alllll day to train today after a hard week of school and test this morning.  Got in 3:45 on the bike and a 40 minute run, mostly all at an easy “zone 2” pace.  Mid 30’s outside today made this all possible.

4 mile tempo…

Posted in Uncategorized on February 13, 2012 by ryanjoyce21

…was the morning workout for today. Ran the workout on a mostly flat 1.8 mile loop by school with Colin. Winds were heavy coming off the water today and there was snow and ice all over the road, definitely making the workout harder/slower than it was otherwise planned. Goal in good conditions was to go between 6:09-6:19/mile (20-30 seconds slower than my estimated current 4 mile race ability). Because of the conditions, i decided to still run under 6:19, but stay as close to the high side of the 10 second range as possible.

6:25 (mostly against wind)
6:15 (mostly with wind)
6:17 (mostly against wind)
6:11 (mostly with wind)

25:10 overall time –> 6:17/mile

Felt very comfortable besides a few sections where i pushed a bit hard into the wind to keep pace. Form never broke down and feel like I could have kept going for a while longer. Overall a very positive (and cold) workout. Taper begins next thursday!


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Training continues to go well. Just finished a week that included over 6 hours the bike and 6 on the run, in addition to an indoor soccer game and a day of snowboarding. Hit several key workouts including a 2 x 20 threshold bike workout, a 2 hour erg simulated group ride on the computrainer, a 3 x mile (5:39/mile w/ 5:39 rest between reps) run workout, and lots of easy running with strides. Weight this week fluctuated between 164-170, generally staying in the 165-167 range.

10 More hard days of training to go before a 10 day taper. Looking to get in 2 more run intervals, 2 more run tempos, and a long run before the taper. Right now running 5:50’s for 8k seems very doable in my mind. Hopefully with a few more good workouts and a successful taper (first real taper I’ll ever attempt, more on that in a future post) my body will be on the same page come March 3rd.