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Penguin Run Race Report

Posted in Uncategorized on January 29, 2012 by ryanjoyce21

Going to keep this short but what a crazy morning. Attempted a short 3 day “taper” before this race, hoping to run a fast time, but definitely overdid the training thanks to a few friends freeing up their schedules (i have to take advantage of training partners when i have them!). So legs did not feel 100%, but at the same time I was still thinking a good race was possible.

At least, i thought so until I woke up to several inches of snow on the ground. Drove up to Amherst to where I found several more inches of snow and roads completely covered. O well.

Still tried to run a fast race, as did everyone else. Went out in mid 5:40’s for the first mile on a main road that was slippery at best. However, at around the mile point, we turned into a development and all was lost. 3-5 inches of snow with no dirt, sand, or plow and my pace shot up to well over 6/mile for the remainder of the race. Every step was a battle. I had decided to wear my trainers instead of my racing shoes, which gave me a bit more traction, but i might as well have been wearing ice skates for the most part. Ended up running 19:08, which was good for 9th out of almost 600 people in what is typically the most competitive 5k of the winter for the Buffalo region. (last year ran 17:57 for 8th or 9th place I think…)

While I did not get the baseline fitness time I was hoping for to carry forward into my next block of training for the Shamrock Run 8k in March, the positive aspect was who I was able to hang with. I finished just ahead of a typically ~17:20 runner who I’ve never beaten until today and only 11 seconds behind a ~16:30 guy who I’ve never even been near before. All the other top guys times were down between 1:15-2 minutes as well, so I definitely come away from this race feeling quietly confident (well not quiet on my blog i guess) about where my running is at right now.

As I said, next race is in 5 weeks and I am greatly looking forward to it. Looking to get in 3.5 hard weeks of training before a full 10 day taper and hopefully be ready to hold 5:5x miles (or better?????) through the streets of south Buffalo come March third. Goodbye until then


Riding outside on January 23rd

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This has been a great winter for endurance sports, unless you’re a nordic skier….

6 x 800m

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had a great workout today that I wanted to post up. Currently building for the Shamrock run 8k (short term) in march and ultimately the American Zofingen duathlon at the end of may and things are going well. Today I ran a 6 x 800m workout on the treadmill.

Here it is:

6 x 800m
1.5 degree incline
2:45 per (5:30/mile pace) with equal rest

Felt almost too easy. Hopefully I’ll put together one more solid 5k 10 days from now and then I’ll have one more month of uninterrupted buildup for the Shamrock 8k. Its been almost a year since i could say this, but KNOCK ON WOOD, i think some PR’s are coming.


PS – sitting comfortably at 168 lbs right now and hopefully still dropping a bit.  very close to what I think my ideal racing weight might be (162-4ish??)

Great Start to 2012

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Ran in the 2nd of 4 Long Island winter series 5k’s with Sal and a few of his friends this past Sunday.

Short version:

Had a very good run. Ran 18:15 with even splits, good for 4th overall out of over 760 runners.

Long version:

Leading up to the race I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was pretty sure that I was finally recovered from the marathon and I’ve had a few good interval sessions and one tempo run in the last 6 weeks to go on top of a fairly large (for me) aerobic base.

The weather was COLD and WINDY. Probably about 22 degrees and a steady wind coming off the atlantic ocean (race was held at a state park beach site). I went out a bit too hard but settled in well after the first quarter mile. Went through the first mile in 5:40 with the wind at my back for almost the whole stretch. Wind stayed generally at my back until a 180 degree at about the halfway point. This began a 1 mile stretch that was slightly uphill and COMPLETELY into the wind. Second mile slowed to about 5:53. The last 1.1 miles were mostly into the wind as well, with a short stretch with the wind. 5:55 mile pace for the last 1.1.  (all splits were estimates based off my garmin, which read course to be 3:14, skewing my splits)

Considering the wind, I felt like besides going out at the start a bit too hard, I held an even effort pace through pretty much the whole race. It was tough running completely alone (first through 4th were spread out about 20 seconds between each) for most of the race for sure. Overall though, very happy with this first race of the year. Although I pushed through the race as hard as I could, once I had 4th locked up and breaking 18 did not look good, I was able to take it down a notch at the end, saving my legs from total destruction. One day later I feel very good, already itching to get some quality work in again.

I’ll be racing one more 5k in 2 weeks, hopefully matching or bettering this time. After that, I’ll have a little over a month to get in a focused block of training for my first big race of the year, the Buffalo Shamrock 8k Run. 3-5 thousand people, with a lot of fast competition and hopefully me breaking 30 minutes (30:12 last year!!!). Looking through old blog posts I have a few old workouts (3xmile workout in particular) that I did in preparation for this race last year that I can base my fitness on this year.

Season Opener

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Traveling down to long island today to meet up with Sal… Watchin the 49ers playoff game today, as well as the US marathon olympic trials.

Tomorrow morning we’ll be running a local 5k road race. Going to be a flat and fast course, although cold. Not really sure what kind of shape I’m in at this point, but looking forward to finding out.


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Got 8 inches of snow yesterday and overnight. Made for great snowboarding yesterday and probably for the rest of the trip. Got in an hour run a few days ago and a 20 minute treadmill run yesterday along with a ton of snowboarding. Not wishing vacation away, because I’m having a blast out here, but really looking forward to racing again.

Altitude training!!!

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In Vail, Colorado for a week snowboarding and sleeping at altitude. Actually ran 4 miles this afternoon in the village as well. Hopefully get at least 2 or 3 more runs in but that will depend how tired I am after boarding. The weather is awesome. Looking forward to running a fast and flat 5k 4 days after I get back… hopefully a tiny bit of altitude acclimation hangs on that long!