Last “long” run before first ever marathon next sunday.. and it was a good one

10 days away from attempting my first marathon. Did my last “long” run of 9.4 miles today in prep for the race. Although I clearly haven’t put in the run work necessary to run what I would consider a strong race, 7 weeks of consistent jogging along with a year and a half of solid volume hopefully will be enough to get through the race well.

My goal today was to run as close to goal race pace as possible (~8/mile for the fist 13.1 miles) and then open up the last mile to see how fresh I was with a theoretical 16+ miles to go. I stopped (lap function) my watch every half mile or so, so here are the mile pace splits:

7:54 / mile pace

And then I went straight into the last mile and ran a very comfortable 6:14 mile. Average pace was 7:52/mile before the last mile. Considering there are a few gradual uphill/downhill areas, I am happy with how steady I kept the pace. AND very happy with how much I had left for that last mile. Hopefully this is a sign that I can keep this pace up for many many more miles. We will see soon.


3 Responses to “Last “long” run before first ever marathon next sunday.. and it was a good one”

  1. beast mode!

  2. From the triple jump to the marathon, that’s pretty impressive. Good luck. Enjoy the last 10K of the marathon, it can be a bear. I did my first marathon 6-months after I got back to running after an 11 year break after college. You have much more of a base than that, so you should be fine. Just run smart!

  3. Thanks for the luck, I’ll need it. Really going to take this one easy, at least for the first 1/2 of the race. Have a feeling no matter how easy I go, the last 10k is still going to be brutal though

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