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Just read a few of my first posts on this blog..

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Summer of 2010 seems so long ago. Amazing how quickly running/riding (and I guess swimming) has become a part of my lifestyle. I feel like I’ve always done this. It is competitive and it is fun (and it can be expensive!!!). Don’t see myself stopping any time soon. Thanks to anyone who reads regularly!!


2 Wins in one day for Team SWAG

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Here is a write-up from freelance writer and wannabe ITU draft-legal triathlete Sal Farrruggia on his win today, which made Team SWAG 2 for 2 on the weekend:

“2 friends invited me to run a 5 mile race with them at Eisenhower park and I accepted knowing it would be a fun way to catch up with them and put in a few tempo miles before the marathon on 10/23. The race was being put on by a running club that hosts a race every Sunday. Apparently most of these races end up being quite small as there were only 42 finishers in this race. Standing around at the starting line it was obvious I was the pre race favorite as multiple people came up to me asking what time I was going to run. My goal for the race was to run hard~ish for 5 miles but not push myself by ‘racing’ it. The race lead out with a small group casually jogging along. By the time we got to the first mile the group was down to me and two other guys. We had came through at 7:04 which is 20 seconds slow than my half marathon pace. At the 1 mile mark the other leader actually slowed his pace. I tried to match his ‘de’-surge but I felt like if I went any slowed I’d be walking. So at that point I decided to press on. I ran the last 4 miles by myself. I ran 6:57s for the next two miles which put me way out of sight from the rest of the field. I wanted to run fast but didn’t want to cross the finish line in a dead sprint so I decided I’d run the 4th mile really fast and ran a 5:37. I jogged in the last mile at 7:18. I ran 32:53 which is 2 minutes slower than my 5 mile PR and won the race by over 2 minutes. It felt nice to get an overall win but is pretty meaningless doing so against a weak field. I’m waiting for the giant check to arrive in the mail. Pledge Allegiance to the Swag.”

Bobkat 5k Race Report

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Ran my first 5k race since last winter this morning and it was a fun one. VERY low key, with under 100 entries (I think). Because I have not been running much since my collar bone in June and had NO CLUE what 5k shape I was in, my goal for this race was one of two:

1) If not in contention for win, go out in 5:50-5:55 for the first mile and either try to hold on, or if I’m on good form, pick up the pace as the race progressed.


2) If I am in contention for the win, still go out in 5:50-5:55 and from there sit just behind the leader and either hang on for dear life or go for the win when the time seems right.

Race went out with 4 guys ahead of me. I quickly settled into a 5:50 pace like I planned (FINALLY HAD SOME COMPOSURE… only b/c I was so scared of being wayyyy more out of shape than I thought though). 3 of the 4 guys quickly dropped backwards in the first 1/2 mile, with one guy still keeping a pretty steady pace. Eventually he too came back to me and by the 1/2 mile point I was right on his back. I knew this guy had run a 18:05 5k a few weeks back, so IT WAS ON!

We went through the first mile at 5:50 on the dot. At this point, he started surging. Since it was clearly a 2 man race, I decided to follow his surges, hoping that all the bike racing sprints I’d done all summer would allow me to recover more quickly than he, who as a 5k road runner I assumed does little to no anaerobic work. He sure put me through the paces though. At one point we were actually running sub 5 minute/mile pace. At the next we were over 6:30. We ended up going through the 2 mile mark in 11:50 after a crazy second mile.

At this point, I’d recovered from the insane sub 5 clip we were at earlier and was starting to get antsy, clipping at his heels. Finally, with 3/4 mile to go, his breathing became audible over mine and he began to slow down significantly. Running into a strong headwind at this point, I put my head down and surged for about 100 meters before settling into a ~5:45/mile pace. I looked back once with about a half mile to go and he was several hundred yards back and I knew it was over. At this point, I shut it down since there is a marathon or something I’m supposed to be running (read – jogging/spitting/groaning/puking) in a week.

Came across the line feeling awesome in 18:29. Considering the conditions (sub 50 degrees, crazy wind) the surges I followed, and jogging the last .1, I’m pretty happy with my 5k “opener” of my road racing year (now until duathlon/tri season starts). Hopefully I’ll be back under 18 minutes in the next few races and the goal by next april/may is to be in the hunt for that sub 17 time. So far so good!

Last “long” run before first ever marathon next sunday.. and it was a good one

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10 days away from attempting my first marathon. Did my last “long” run of 9.4 miles today in prep for the race. Although I clearly haven’t put in the run work necessary to run what I would consider a strong race, 7 weeks of consistent jogging along with a year and a half of solid volume hopefully will be enough to get through the race well.

My goal today was to run as close to goal race pace as possible (~8/mile for the fist 13.1 miles) and then open up the last mile to see how fresh I was with a theoretical 16+ miles to go. I stopped (lap function) my watch every half mile or so, so here are the mile pace splits:

7:54 / mile pace

And then I went straight into the last mile and ran a very comfortable 6:14 mile. Average pace was 7:52/mile before the last mile. Considering there are a few gradual uphill/downhill areas, I am happy with how steady I kept the pace. AND very happy with how much I had left for that last mile. Hopefully this is a sign that I can keep this pace up for many many more miles. We will see soon.

Rochester Autumn F1 Duathlon

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Not going to put out a full race report on this one, but what a crazy race! Temperature of 43 degrees, driving rains and wind made for a crazy day. 11 DNF’s including several bike crashes and injuries made for chaos. Despite this, I was able to place 6th of 90 something in what is always a very competitive F1 race (there was also a super sprint race that had over 100 people).

Like last fall, the format was 2 mile run, 10 mile bike, 2 mile run, 10 mile bike, 2 mile run. The run is on a mix of trail, grass, and road while the bike is a challenging course with constant rolling hills that really grind you down if you’re not careful. Also worth noting was that this year much of the run course was solid mud/water and was very slippery in places, making fast run splits impossible. Despite the slow run/bike conditions, I was significantly faster than last year, which was nice to see. Here is the comparison:

2010 –> 2011:

Run 1: —— 13:20 –> 13:55

T1: ———- 0:28 –> 0:25

Bike 1: —— 31:45 –> 29:16

T2: ———- 0:32 –> 0:30

Run 2: —— 14:53 –> 14:22

T3: ———- 0:29 –> 0:32

Bike 2: —— 33:11 –> 29:35

T4: ———- 0:30 –> 0:25

Run 3: —— 15:56 –> 14:33

total: ——– 1:51:02 –> 1:43:44

Place: ——- 24/108 –> 6/95

***Same winner as last year. His overall time was ~4 minutes slower than last year (as were many others). Speaks to how bad the conditions were this year, for what it is worth***

Also worth noting, I did not wear a watch for the trail run, and only data point on the bike was heart rate. I think this contributed to my fairly even splits. Especially considering how little I’ve run since the collarbone incident in June, I’m very happy with the result! 6 months + until the next duathlon. Hopefully next year overall podiums will become the norm. cheers!

Last Multi-Race of the year

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It has been a rough year with the collarbone and the shoulder separation screwing up most race plans. Tomorrow though, I’ll be in Rochester, racing the Autumn Duathlon. I have raced this course 2x now, last fall and this past spring, and am looking forward to race #3. Not sure where my fitness really is b/c of the lack of racing, but I feel good and ready to drop the hammer on this course!