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Back on the Road!

Posted in Uncategorized on September 19, 2011 by ryanjoyce21

Haven’t updated for a while. With all the soccer coaching this fall, I’ve just been running and biking without much structure in the training. Just enjoying training to train.

That aside, I decided to jump into the last Buffalo Bike Club training race of the season, the Wyoming Road Race. For CAT 5 riders, it consisted of one circuit around a 26 mile loop, southeast of Buffalo. First 6 miles had a few steep climbs. Next ~8 consisted of false flats and long shallow climbs. Final stretch was mostly shallowly downhill, with a short steep uphill finish. Tough course, but a lot of fun.

Right away up the first climb, I got clear with two other riders. Unfortunately, once we decided to consolidate our break off the front, the other guys I was with worked wayyyy too hard and we burnt out only 5 miles into the race. They did not seem to understand that once the break is established, going into the red is not the way stay away (as opposed to the peloton simply letting us ride away at a sane, sustainable pace). Because they were on two other teams, I did not let them go though, and was completely trashed by the time the 7 person peloton caught us. I hung on for a bit, but was lobbed off the back on the last climb before the first turn.

The rest of the race consisted of me working alone and with a teammate who came up from behind. Since my original break completely tore the peloton up, I still ended up finishing in 7th place of about 20 riders (top 6 were the guys who rode away from me in the chase group that brought our original break back).

All 6 guys ahead of me were very strong riders and considering I was not too hot on being in a large group (there actually was a crash!), breaking away and tearing the peloton up before getting lobbed off the back probably was not a terrible way to go. Anyway, I stayed safe, had a good time, and am now again looking forward to more road races next spring, instead of fearing another crash.

solid day!


BBC Championship Grand Island 20k ITT

Posted in Uncategorized on September 4, 2011 by ryanjoyce21

Official results are not up yet, but figure I might as well throw this down while its fresh. Just got home from the race and am not terribly thrilled with the results.

30:54 total time (24.4 mph avg) for just over 20k (about 12.6 miles). (avg hr 179)

16:18 first 10k into a 10-20 mph wind (avg hr 180)
14:36 second 10k mostly with the wind (avg hr 178)

Here is what happened:

Warmup – solid warmup. 10 minutes easy, 2 minute spin, 10 minutes at long ride pace, 2 minute spin, 6 minutes ramping up to TT pace, 2 minute spin, 1.5 minutes just above TT pace. Felt 100% ready for the first time in a TT.

The race – Possibly b/c I was warmed up correctly, I went out too hard from the gate and watched my heart rate go straight to 175 and slowly climb up to 180. (the plan was 172-174). It stayed there for most of the first 10k. I passed my 1, 2 and 3 minute men during this stretch, but truthfully was already done for 5k into the race. The 10k back home with the wind was mostly spent spinning/soft pedaling as the wind did most of the work. Could barely put any pressure on the pedals or I would have blown up completely.. very frustrated at myself at this point in the race but still worked hard until the finish.

Thoughts? – Hopefully my good warmup for the first time theory is correct, b/c I have no other good excuse for what happened. I really think I’m in plenty of shape to break 30 and really should be closer to 29 flat at this point, so today was frustrating. Luckily, there is one more ~20k TT coming up in a few weeks. I will do the same warmup, and go much easier at the start, hopefully with better results. At least I am upright and in one piece.. that was the first goal!