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Upcoming Grand Island Inidividual Time Trial Club Championships

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Race is this Sunday morning.  20k in distnace with 151 feet of climbing.  Feel like I should break 30 minutes (24.8 mph average) safely and hopefully will approach 29:00 (25.7 mph average).  here is the plan:

Right now, I’m planning on keeping my heartrate below 175 for the first 4 miles before allowing myself to creep up to the upper 170’s for the next 7 or so and around 180 for the last 1-1.5 miles. I have never underpaced a 20k TT before, and always finish feeling like I ran out of gas for the last 5k. Hopefully with this strategy I’ll be strong throughout. Based upon my 2x 10k intervals, a 173-175ish heart rate average for the first 4 miles (on a calm day) should get me in the mid to high 25 mph average range. From there hopefully I’ll only get faster and give the 29 minute mark a run for it’s money. We shall see.


Awesome Bike Workout

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First day back outside on the bike. Jumped right back on the TT bike that I crashed with two weeks ago (slightly bent shifter, otherwise no damage, as far as I can see) and crushed a workout on the canadian coastline. Here it is:

2 x 10k
#1 – 14:53, 25.0 mph, 170 bpm
#2 – 14:44, 25.2 mph, 172 bpm

I can hold 177 bpm average for a 20k TT, so based upon these results, I’ll be looking to break 29 minutes (25.7mph) in the Buffalo 20k TT championships next weekend.

****did each 10k in opposite directions.  Very little wind.  Probably had a slight tailwind for the first interval and a slight headwind for the second interval****

Bad news Bears

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Took a while for me to update, but the day after the Summer Sizzler, I crashed in a Team Time Trial event, separating my left shoulder. Long story short, two teammates in front of me overlapped wheels, with the 2nd guy going down. Being right on his wheel, I had nowhere to go except over the top. Another trip to the emergency room and another painful first week.

Luckily, it has not even been two weeks yet and I’m back to gingerly running and riding. Probably going to be another 2 weeks or so before I’m 100%, but at least I’m not stuck inside for the next 6 weeks.

Summer Sizzler Race Report

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Saturday, I got to the race before 6 in the morning. Sun had not come up yet and a few people were warming up with flashlights on their heads, which I found a bit funny. Found a good transition spot in the duathlon row and I was ready to go. The parents were in Buffalo this past weekend, and arrived a bit before 7. We watched the first few waves of the triathlon hit the water (really weird watching instead of participating in the tri) before I started warming up for the 7:30 duathlon start.

About 10 minutes before the start, I realized that I needed to use the bathroom. This became a full blown panic once i realized there were no port-a-potties. I had to sprint over a quarter mile to the golf clubhouse, do the dirty deed, and sprint back, with only a minute or two to spare. Not the best warmup and possibly the most out of breath I was the entire day!

Heading into this race, I had run a grand total of 5 miles in the last 10 weeks (since I broke my clavicle). So needless to say, I had little confidence in my run. Plan was to take off behind the leaders and try to run whatever was comfortable. Leaders (Kevin and Jim) took off and I followed. One random guy broke away about a quarter mile in and we let him go. After starting at a 5:30/mile pace, the tempo continued to slow until we were going slower than 6:00/mile. At this point, I decided not to slow down anymore and started reeling in the leader. He was struggling by the time I caught and passed him. I continued to rest of the first run solo, finishing the slightly less than 2 mile course in 11:07, with a 23 second gap over Kevin Rocktaschel, who was in 2nd place.

Had a slight helmet problem in transition, and almost didn’t leave through the right exit, but still had the 3rd fastest T1 time.

Going into the race, not knowing how well I was going to run, my strategy was to hammer the bike. I changed this strategy however, once I realized that i was the strongest runner in the field. I took off at my 40k TT heartrate (bike portion was only 17k), with the strategy that I would simply mark anyone who went by me on the bike. Not surprisingly, Kevin passed me just before the turnaround. I fell back to about 15 feet behind him, at a safe legal distance, and went off his pace for the remainder of the bike leg. Just before entering transition, there was a no-pass zone. With the back of pack triathletes littering the course, I realized that Kevin might attempt to gap me, putting slow people between us to gain time before transition. To make sure this didn’t happen, I broke into a full sprint to get to the no pass zone first. Once in the zone, I took it easy and recovered a bit before the run, hurting both of our bike splits in the process (SORRY KEVIN). I finished with the 3rd fastest bike time, still holding onto first place overall.

T2 was a disaster. Entering transition, one of my shoes came off the pedal. I had to run back and grab it before getting to my transition spot. Once there, I took forever to put my shoes on. By the time I got out of transition, I was back in 2nd place, about 10 seconds back.

Caught Kevin about 400m into the leg. Wasn’t sure if he was going to kick up the pace to stay with me, but when I saw no reaction i just kept my pace and opened a gap. I turned off the gas for the last half mile after opening up a ~30 second gap and cruised in for the win.

Always fun to win a race. Of course, many of the best athletes were not in the duathlon portion of the event, but there were still a few legitimate guys racing, so I’m counting this as a win for sure!

Summer Sizzler Duathlon, super quick recap:

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Very weird doing the duathlon instead of the formula 1 tri today, but since I didn’t know if I’d be able to swim this soon after breaking my clavicle, duathlon it was today. Ended up winning the race over a few very good local duathletes, thanks to somehow still being able to run well after running only 5 miles in the last 8 weeks. Biked pretty solid as well.. race report to come once result splits are posted. cheers!

Follow me on Twitter this weekend!

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Follow me as I update this weekend’s action at the Tour of the Catskills, my first stage race.

also.. crashed again tonight in a crit.. earlier pileup ended with teammate clipping my rear wheel and (not realized at the time) breaking a spoke which led to a slow leak in the rear tire. A few miles later, going around a corner at a good clip, lost control of the machine, as I was riding on the rim. Result? a very cut up body, but no other damage. So the weekend of racing continues, just a bit more painfully than before. But lets be honest, can a 20k TT really get any more painful anyway??