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Update and week review

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1 week post-op appointment today and everything looks good. Here’s a picture of franken’me:

Still got 102 trainer miles in 5:10 of riding from Thursday-Sunday. Love hitting the bike every day. Need the Tour de France to start though b/c the trainer is boring w/o the cycling on tv.


Surgery Race Report

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Its been a few days since the surgery and everything is feeling good. Surgery went very well with no complications to speak of. Most of the pain now is just swelling from the incision. I actually already have decent range of motion in my arm b/c of the plate. That being said, I’m doing my best to keep my arm in the sling, especially for the first week or so since this is how long it takes for bone growth to begin. Once the bone begins to re-grow, especially with the plate, there is very little chance of moving it out of place. I have a followup appointment with my surgeon on Monday, so after that I’ll have a better idea of what the next few weeks will consist of for me.

Since i can shower starting tonight, tomorrow will be my first day back on the bike trainer. Going to spend some time today charting out the next 5+ weeks of training. Hoping to make some great gains and be ready to just crush every bike race I do the rest of the season whether it be a crit, time trial, road race, cycocross, duathlon, or anything else.

Look for an updated 2011 schedule to come out soonish. Thanks for all the support!

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Getting surgery on this mess tomorrow. Will update in a few days on how everything went. Cheers until then!

This past week

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7 hours and 32 minutes on the trainer this past week.

151 virtual miles.

one day of 2 x 20 minutes in zone 4
one day of 5 x 3 minutes in zone 5
one day of a 1 hour race simulation (zones 2/4/5)
3 days in zone 2
one day off

Clavicle fracture update

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Turns out that the medial side of my right clavicle is actually overlapping the lateral side! CRazy broken. I’m going to try hard to get my hands on the x-rays, because they’re pretty cool. I’ll be going into surgery next Tuesday, and then let the recovery begin!

Recent Events

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Unfortunately my season is going to be put on hold for a bit. This past thursday night I broke my collarbone with 5 laps to go in a crit race. I’ll be seeing a orthopedic surgeon this week to discuss my options, so look for an update in a few days.

I DID compete at the Keuka Lake Olympic Triathlon last weekend despite a fever leading up to the event. Took 33/280 in the olympic race, which was the main race of a weekend that saw over 850 athletes competing. Look for a race report, with pictures, in the coming days.

Until then, be well,

Week Review

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Just got back from Keuka Lake Tri.. had a great time and performed decently in hot and humid conditions. Long race report to come, but I want to wait for official results and pictures and everything.

Here is the taper week miles:

Swim – 2800m
Bike – 117.5 miles
Run – 23.5 miles