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week review

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Swim – 4500m
Bike – 147.5 miles
Run – 24 miles

time to taper!


Run intervals

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7 x 400m w 3-4 minutes recovery on the gravel in Delaware Park (last rep was on pavement).

82 (oops guess I didn’t warm up enough?)
66 (on pavement)

MAN have I gotten slow after a year of slowTwitching. Felt good to get the legs moving a bit again though for sure.

2nd to last build week in review

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TIRED!!!! man, with one week of building left to go, I am hoping tired is how I am supposed to feel. Figured out my pool situation (see 50m pool post!) so was able to at least get in once this week:

Swim – 1500 meters
Bike – 109.5 miles
Run – 31.5 miles

Hopefully holding it together for one more big training week before a fun 3 weeks of tapering, peaking (hopefully?) and triathloning!

Spring Classic Duathlon – Rochester, NY

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Just got home from a TOUGH duathlon this morning in Rochester, NY. The format was: 2 mile run – 10 mile bike – 1 mile run – 10 mile bike – 2 mile run. All the running was on HILLY trails and the 10 mile bike loop was equally undulating. I’m not sure if there was a flat part of the entire race.

I finished in 1:32:xx, good for 8th overall and 2nd in the age group.  97 people were in the race while another 90 or so were in the shorter race (no second bike or third run legs).  ALL of the top guys were in this race though.  My first R-B-R split was only a few seconds behind the winner of the shorter race so it is safe to say that all the competition there today day was to be found in the longer event.

First run was uneventful, although I had forgotten how hard this 2 mile loop was.  Came through into transition in 4th place splitting 12:55 for the first 2 miles (and it was NOT as easy as you would have thought….).

First bike was frustrating.  Mendon, NY is a very rolling hillsy type place that I do not have a lot of time trial experience on.  I got passed by 2 guys and passed one other, putting me in 5th place when my chain popped off with 3 miles to go on the bike!  It came off halfway up a hill so although I got the chain back on within 10-15 seconds, I lost much more time and energy restarting up the hill.  A few guys passed me and I lost track of my placing (9th I THINK) when I finally got going again.  Ended up with the 11th fastest bike split (28:48) which was well off the pace of the top guys (most were in the 26’s).

I felt pretty good leaving T2 for the one mile out and back second run.  Again posted the 4th best run time (6:48) although I lost about 8 seconds in T3 b/c I forgot to put my helmet back on before grabbing my bike.  Left T3 in 8th place after passing one guy out on the run.

Second bike was uneventful.  Got passed immediately by the 9th place guy but was able to stick near him through the bike portion (WITHOUT ILLEGALLY DRAFTING, if you were wondering).  Pacing off him allowed me to relax a bit and freewheel down the hills.  I probably could have (and maybe should have?) gone by him but I was happy with the level of effort I was putting out and knew he had a decent first bike leg so I put faith in the fact that he was going a decent pace.  Entered T2 in 9th place with the 10th best bike leg (28:24) which again was significantly slower than the leaders.

I am most proud of my last run, which I completed in 13:37 (5th fastest).  I passed the same guy one more time and finished comfortably in 8th place, 1-2 minutes behind a pack of positions 4-7.  Last fall on this same course I ran the last 2 miles in 15:56, completely falling apart.  This time I walked across the finish line and probably could have flirted with breaking 13:20 or so if there had been a guy to chase in the last mile.

Especially considering how hard I’ve been building these last few weeks for Keuka and Pat Griscus in June (5 x mile workout wednesday and crit race thursday did not help today one bit!!!), I was pretty pleased with how I felt from start to finish.  Factoring in the chain, both bike splits, while slower than I would have liked, were roughly the same.  All three runs were also very close, taking into account my lazy jog to walk across the last 100m or so of the race 😀

Below are the results (link at bottom):

R1 – 4/97 (12:55)

T1 – 19/97 (:36)

B1 – 11/97 (28:46)***Chain hang low?***

T2 – 21/97 (:35)

R2 – 4/97 (6:48)

T3 – 25/97 (:41)

B2 – 10/97 (28:24)

T4 – 20/97 (:32)

R3 – 5/97 (13:37)

Here are the Results

5 x Mile

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Did a 5 x mile workout today on the waterfront. 7 minutes rest between intervals:


Felt great. Feel great after. Could have gone faster if I had really wanted to but don’t want to waste my best race in training! Seems as though my running is improving even though I’ve backed off the run training for the last few months in favor of biking and swimming, which have both improved a ton. Very motivating

50m Pool!!!???!!!???

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I joined a local gym that has a 50m olympic sized pool. Awesome. That is all.

week wrap

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swim – 6800m
bike – 118 miles
run – 29.5 miles