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CRUSHED my 600m swim TT PR

Posted in Uncategorized on April 30, 2011 by ryanjoyce21

From 10:24 –> 9:38.6 in a few weeks? Apparently swimming 4-5x per week with fast fishy friends makes one faster. I ALMOST like swimming (once I’m under 1:30/100 maybe I’ll like it).

Anyway, here is the story:


9:38.6… 1:37/100m


9 holes of golf… finally

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Been waiting months for golf season to start here in Western New York. Unfortunately it is a very short season it seems. Anyway, went to a local public course and shot a 6 over 41 to start the season off pretty decently. Nice way to wind down from a tough exam and get the blood pumping just a bit before the Flower City Duathlon tomorrow in Rochester…

Great Swim Day

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The workout:

200m warmup

5 x 200m on 4:00
6 x 80m on 1:40

200m cooldown

Continuous main set… 29:36 main set total time.

The splits:

200 – 1:39
200 – 1:40
200 – 1:40
200 – 1:44
200 – 1:38
80 – 1:18
80 – 1:19
80 – 1:18
80 – 1:18
80 – 1:18
80 – 1:16

Swim continues to improve by leaps and bounds.. starting to really look forward to the Keuka Lake Tri coming up in 6 weeks. This workout today gave me confidence that I have the strength to throw down a good 1500m.

week wrap

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Quick post.. bogged down with schoolwork.. finals crunch time.

Swimming is going, well, rather swimmingly if you will. Solid week:

Swim: 9540 meters
Bike: 94.5 miles
Run: 31 miles

Buffalo Tri Club Meeting… I’ll never miss another one

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Short post tonight.. enjoyed meeting a bunch of the BTC members tonight at the monthly meeting. They really are a great group of people. Ate my body weight in chili and had a few beers (and a vegetable smoothie)… not a horrible way to spend a Thursday evening. I will never miss a meeting as long as food is provided, i can promise that

Interesting Thread

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For the past few days I have been following an interesting thread on the triathlon message board about comparable 40k bike times and 10k run times. It has evolved into a general discussion about what are equivalent times in the three disciplines. A poster today wrote:

“In my experience, coming out of the water in 10:30 for 750m, or 21:00 for 1500m is roughly equivalent to 59:30-1:01 bike (course dependent) and probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 17:00-18:00 5k or 35:30-37:30 10k (course dependent).”

This was agreed upon by everyone to be a great approximation. Since I do not come from a strong swim/bike/OR run background, I have been trying extremely hard to build the three sports evenly. Right now my best is running (17:57 5k pr) followed by biking (approx. 1:04.xx 40k) and swimming (approx. 12:45 for 750m). These “equivalents” listed above are great goals for me right now that are good goals to hit during this season in preparation for Age Group Nationals in August. This means a LOT of swimming, a bunch of biking and bit more running is in my future. Looking forward to it

Ryan Hall’s Garmin Readout from the 2011 Boston Marathon

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Thought this was interesting: