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Thank you e21!

Posted in Uncategorized on March 31, 2011 by ryanjoyce21

Rocking the new e21 gear hard this week.. first “build” week is half way though and I feel great despite hammering every day thanks in part to Recovery e21 MIRACLE PILLS.

For anyone checking out my blog today via my athlete profile on the Recovery e21 website/twitter/facebook thanks for stopping by. I enjoy writing race reports and other notes about my training (and life every once in a while) and would love to increase my blog following (who wouldn’t?). Also check out the Recovery e21 link to the right of this page and if you’re interested, use my discount code to purchase their amazing products at a generously reduced price. Also, while you’re here, check out my other sponsor/support system, another great company. With my discount code, you can get 20% off all purchases over $150 (aka if you’re looking for a bike, HUGEEE discounts).

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. My race season really starts this weekend so look for a plethora of race reports from here on out through the end of the summer!


I just redeemed $125 worth of credit card rewards points…

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Time to buy stuff

treadmill interval monday

Posted in Uncategorized on March 28, 2011 by ryanjoyce21

Had a great treadmill interval workout today… 5:05 mile pace on 1% incline… 12 x 400m w/ 1:1 recovery (so 76.x seconds running and 76.x seconds recovering next to the treadmill). Fastest I’ve done this workout to date and could have done several more if I had to. All kinds of pumped up to throw down in the DYC 5k this saturday (and of course my first ever official bike TT on sunday!)

Last 2 weeks

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Took 2 easy weeks with tests and spring break. Ready to throw down with fewer hours per week but going to hit the workouts HARD with races of some kind nearly every weekend… IN SEASON.. FINALLY

2 weeks ago:

Swim: 920 meters
Bike: 73.5 miles
Run: 22.5 miles

Past week:

Bike: 61 miles
Run: 21 miles

Ready to go

Posted in Uncategorized on March 25, 2011 by ryanjoyce21

After taking it easy for the last two weeks with a sickness, tests, papers and spring break livinggg, I’m ready to get it back in gear. Going to take these next few days easy and come monday with fire in the eyes.. ┬áits time to officially start the build to Pat Griscus, the regional qualifier race for Olympic-Distance Nationals.. excited? OOO yeah

10k bike TT pr

Posted in Uncategorized on March 16, 2011 by ryanjoyce21

While not doing a ton this week, I did do a short bike-run brick which included a 10k TT. Felt kinda weak and sick and everything (see below post) but this was my first TT since the fall so I still had a BIG pr. Did the 10k distance in 16:10, with a 23.0 mph average in the park. Basically 3.5 laps around the park loop, which includes a short climb every lap. About 300 ft of climbing overall for the TT. I plan on doing this at least 1x every week that I don’t have a bike race during my build for Pat Griscus. My goal is to be able to complete the course in under 15 minutes by June, which would be an average speed of 24.8 mph. Lofty goal, so we’ll see how close I can get!


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Been sick since the weekend… I’ve still been getting some training in every day but only doing what I feel like doing instead of sticking to any schedule. A little disappointed that I’ll be ending my “base” period on a low note, but looking forward to the first week in April where the build for Pat Griscus begins. A little less volume and a lot more speed, racing and recovery!

For now though, taking it real easy until I get that energy back.. cheers!