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Weekly Wrap

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Quick post before bed:

Swim – 2200m
Bike – 58 miles
Run – 37 miles

Had breakthroughs in all three this week (had a sick 2×20 bike interval workout, pr’d in 600m swim TT, and pr’d in 5k run race), which is awesome considering this was third week hard in a row. Recovery week coming up.. one workout/day is going to seem pretty wierd


Penguin Run 5k RACE REPORT

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So spur of the moment I decided to do a 5k race this morning. Had a hard week of training and it was only 17 degrees outside, but I hadn’t run a race outside since the first week of december, so I wanted to test my fitness (and break 18 minutes for the first time in a 5k).

About 600 people lined up for the race; its one of the bigger winter road races in buffalo. I decided to go for the “least dressed for the weather” award, only wearing half tights, my BTC running tank, a bandana, arm warmers, and gloves. I looked like a cold freak, in other words. No matter, I warmed up well and was ready to roll.

Race went out FAST. Considering the winner ran 16:01 (not 13 flat), I couldn’t believe how fast it went out. I sat in about 15th place and still got pulled to a 5:34 first mile, which was just too fast to hold. By the end of mile one I was already knocking on the door of the hurt box in about 12th place.

Second mile was a fight to keep my pace below 6/mile. I’d be running along at a 5:4x place and then lose focus and go up to a 6:0x pace. I pretty much wavered back and forth between 5:45/mile and 6:05/mile for the whole second mile, hating myself the entire time. mile 2 split was 5:53, in about 10th place.

Third mile was more of the same. My legs and lungs both were questioning whose idea it was to do this today. I ran most of the race alone, which did not help the cause. The last mile draggeddddddddd on forever, until finally I was about 200m from the finish. I had NOTHING left for a finishing sprint, which has never quite happened to me before. I hit the last turn with about 50 meters to go, and saw the clock at 17:50. I finally found a sprint and hustled to the line for a final time of 17:57 (5:51 last mile), good for 9th overall and 2nd in the age group.


Tough, tough race for me. I really need to hold back a bit more early on if I want to run my best. With my last 2 races being mile runs, the opening pace seemed slower than it really was. No excuse though since I have a watch that tells me exactly how fast I’m running. Just need to be more disciplined.

What next? My average pace was 5:46/mile in this race. Next 5k I run, I’ll probably try to hit the first mile around 5:40 and hold that to the best of my ability. Next scheduled 5k is not for a while, but I’ll probably jump into another race soon if I have a free morning. All in all, a solid morning.


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11:12 for 600m today. Thats 1:52/100m, which while still not “fast”, is a pretty solid PR for me. Next goal is to get under 11 minutes (under 1:50/100m). The goal for the spring triathlon races is to be better than 1:50/100m for the 1500m olympic distance. I’m a longgg way to go from that, but there is hope!

13 mile long run today!

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Weekly Wrap

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Swim: 2200m
Bike: 80 miles
Run: 17.5 miles

Took it a bit easy for a few days this week b/c of a sore hip flexor. Feels better now though so easing back in this coming week

Week Wrap

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Swim: 3400m
Bike: 105 miles
Run: 42.5 miles

Pretty solid week of training. Need 2 more of these in a row.

Woke up this morning and…

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Turned my alarm off in my sleep.. So no mile race for me today at RIT. I have done this for class before but never for a race. I usually put a second alarm clock out of reach but neglected to do that last night. Pretty mad at myself but i guess better this happen now than later… I’ll have one more chance to run the short stuff on February 20th. Next race is a 5 miler in Lockport on February 12th… back to training…