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Today marks the “official” beginning of my 2011 training.

A bunch of random races will be coming up (2011 race schedule coming soon), but the first focus of 2011 is the Pat Griscus Olympic Tri in Connecticut on June 18th. It is the regional qualifier race for Age Group Nationals (which are being held in Vermont this coming August).

I’ll be going back to the hours/week format, although still tracking miles just to get an idea of what I’m doing. Building from 12 up to 16 hour weeks through the next few months before tapering for the race in June. These last few months of taking it “easy” and training whenever and not worrying about things have been great, but now it is time to get rolling on the 2011 campaign.


Weekly Wrap

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Only trained monday-thursday b/c of a ski trip the rest of the weekend (sore legs from boarding all weekend.. hurting a bit this monday morning).

Swim: 1500 meters
Bike: 30 miles
Run: 30 miles

Solid 4 days of running for sure.. looking to get into the 40’s this week, with a 9 mile long run.