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Ok here it is, my offical 2011 training and goals post. I’ll outline what I’m trying to do for the year here as orderly as possible.

My number one goal is to qualify for and race well at Age Group Nationals in Burlington Vermont. The main qualifier is the Pat Griscus Triathlon in Connecticut. I need to get top 33% in my age group to qualify for the national race. These are both olympic distance races (1500m swim, 40k bike, 10k run).

Throughout this season I’m going to focus on running races between 1 mile and 15k, training specifically for the 5k-10k distance. During base training, my priority is going to be one tempo run (20 minutes of tempo to start, slowly increasing in time through base/build), one lactic interval workout, and one long run. Tempo runs will accumulate about 6 miles of total volume, interval workout about 4, and long run 10-13. In addition I’ll do 2-4 other easy runs/week ranging from 4-8 miles/run. My running goals for this season are to break 17 minutes in an open 5k and 35:18 in a 10k (they are “comparable times”, hence the :18). Right now I’m at 18:10 and ESTIMATED 37:49 (based on 5k/8k times) for the two events.

Biking I’m going to focus on the 40k TT, aka about 1 hour effort. I need to do an outdoor time trial on a warm day soon to establish my baseline, but my training will look like this: 2 trainer sessions/ week of 2×20 HARD w/ 5 minutes between (total 1 hour/20 mile session). 1 trainer session/ week of 4×10 w/ 3 minutes between (total 1 hour/20 mile session). 1 “long ride” between 40-60 miles depending on inside or outside. Other recovery rides will fill in the gaps.

Swimming. I need to talk to my swim coach (aka DYC soccer coach Matt McCormack’s wife) to see what she thinks about that. I’m not a good swimmer right now. That will continue until she has an intervention. In a few weeks when I’m back in Buffalo hopefully she’ll have one. For now looking for 4 sessions/week. 1 session Form focus (1000m). 2 sessions interval focussed (repeat 200’s on 4:30 -> 1400-2000m total). 1 hard continuous swim (starting @ 500m… up to 2000m by race time).

This is for the base to build period. As I get into the build period I’ll add in more hill workouts and shorter intervals and things of that nature. This should be a good starting point though for now. Any comments would be appreciated.


Armory 1500m

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tough race for me. ran a 4:47.xx (official time pending) which was good enough for probably about 30/35 overall. Went out at 4:30 pace and just fell apart about half way through. Felt really good for the first half and even considered trying to bridge the gap to the leading pack after about 4-600m. Very quickly though the lactic acid bear jumped on my back and I just was not ready for it. Too much speed and not enough preparation.

On the positive side though, it really gave me a kick in the pants to add more intensity to my training. Also, I’ve finally decided to shift my focus (see next post) for this year and probably the next few years.


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great first x/c skiing of the year. Hour around the yard; real fun

Stepping on the Scale

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Got a new scale for Christmas and it’s time to put it to use.

Last spring when I graduated from college I was ~200lbs. I got down to about 173 or so over the summer and going into the fall. The winter/offseason has taken its toll and as of this morning I’m 181.8 lbs. Goal weight for racing this summer is around 160 lbs. I’m going to be weighing myself every morning I remember to right when I wake up and chart the “progress”. Should be interesting.


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Snowing like crazy outside. Looks like tomorrow I’ll finally be able to break out the cross country skis. Going for a Bike/ski/run day tomorrow hopefully. Will post results of skiing soon.

Weekly Wrapp

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Even with 2 days of snowboarding, got some decent training in. No swimming b/c of no pool but a lot of the other stuff.

112 miles biking

28 miles running (including 10 and 12 milers that felt pretty good)

Solid Run, Solid Christmas!

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Had a great run this morning. Ran 6 miles out to JJ High School at an easy clip (8:15 or so/mile?), and came back @ 7:17/mile for a great hilly 6 mile tempo and 12 mile overall run.

Followed this by eating insane amounts of food and drinking ample amounts of drink, which all made for a very enjoyable christmas day!