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6.2 miles in 46:21? super easy and foot felt great!

pushing an out of gas car 5 blocks down connecticut street after? priceless


Tuesday is a good day

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bought a new 2009 Cervelo P2C bike… little christmas/birthday gift from the parents (THANK YOUUUUUUUU SO MUCH). Should come in about a week; looking forward to destroying my Delaware Park TT times (see pr page).

Speaking of TT, I rode a pretty hard ride today on the riverside path. Destroyed my old high avg mph (16.7 to 18.1). Even on the way home into the wind averaged 17.x.. NICE


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Who knew monday could be a good day.. ever?

took a pretty easy week last week with my gross anatomy test friday so felt really good today. Biked 15.5 miles at a 19.3mph clip, including a timed lap around the park, done in 4:40.xx (22.9mph). Jumped off the bike and took off for one loop around the park and did the 2.5 miles in just over 17 minutes (6:40/mile), feeling realllll good.

BTW… the foot didn’t start hurting a bit until the sidewalk on the way home.. huge improvement from this time last week, even with the 5 miles yesterday… If all keeps going well, should be reallly ready to drop a HUGE 5k pr on the 13th of november

Week Wrapup

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Had a real big test on friday that I studied all week for so took this week pretty easy.

Ended up:
Swim – 0
Bike – 37 mi
run – 12 mi

unfortunately I did a 5 mile run on sunday and my foot hurt a bit so it looks like its back to just biking and swimming and getting in a mile or 2 on the treadmill this week and see how this next week goes.

Winter Plans

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BASE BASE BASE. Pretty much, my goal for the offseason is to complete a “weekly” ironman. This equates to about 3800m in the pool, 112 miles on the bike, and 26.2 miles of running every week.

Coming from a sprinting/jumping/ultra competitive background, i know myself enough to know I’ll get the speed work in (notice the 40k bike time trial i did randomly today). Because of this, I’m not going to schedule specific workouts during the offseason.

As long as I keep it fun and get in my distances every week, I should be ready to go come spring. The one thing I will do, especially once I’m able to “easily” complete these weeks, is begin to slowly increase my long runs and long bikes until I can do 20+ runs and 100+ bikes. Not sure If either of these will happen in the next year (the bike probably will) but this is my thinking at least.



Weekly Totals

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Another pretty solid week of training. Threw in just a bit of running. The feet feel pretty good so far; I hope I can get back to more running pretty soon b/c i actually miss it and really want to be ready to throw down a good 5k in a few weeks at the D’Youville 5k race on November 13th. Here are the totals:

Swim: 3650m (new 50m TT pr of 39.8 seconds)

Bike: 125 mi (new 40k TT pr of 1:13:01.5)

Run: 2.2 mi

The Bike TT was pretty solid. 20.4 mph avg for the ride. I really don’t understand how people break an hour for a 40k ride, but maybe one day…

week wrapup

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First week of winter “base” building for this guy. Resting the feet from running b/c of what has been diagnosed as tendonitis and possible bursitis in both feet. Feels fine walking and jogging for a short time, so pretty soon I’ll start some treadmill running, building up slowly, probably starting with .5 miles and going from there before swim workouts.

Here are the week totals:

Swim: 2100 meters (2100 long)
Bike: 114 miles (62 mile long)
Run: 0 miles