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Thursday, 9/30

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Last real workout before the Sunday race.

Raining outside so spun for an hour on the trainer. Will call it 15 miles for the record.

Did a 3 mile run brick at about 8/mile pace. Foot did not feel great unfortunately although after walking part of the way home from the park, jogged the rest and it felt fine. Hopefully these 2 short runs this week and a TON of rest will allow it not to affect the race sunday. Plenty of time to not run after that.


wednesday 9/29

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OFF day.. guys had a soccer game down in pitt bradford (PA) for the day.

easy brick day thursday… off friday… spin a bit saturday… and putting it ALL on the line sunday… pretty pumped

paying extra attention to my diet starts right now (probably too late but better than nothing).

Very excited for my parents to see me for the first time in a multi-race. Hopefully all the training will turn into a top 5 finish overall

9/28 workout

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3 easy miles on the treadmill at 8:30 pace… foot felt pretty good during; each foot felt a bit painful after though.

1000m time trial in the pool. 20:22.1 overall time

2:02.3/100m avg

Monday 9/27

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21 mile bike randomly through the city of buffalo. Despite rain and tons of stop signs (gps does turn off when I stop, but still the slowing down and accelerating is added in), still able to keep up 17.2 mph for the ride. Nothing like flying through downtown buffalo keeping up with the cars… turned into a really really good workout


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Friday:  Went to Geneseo to do the Friday Knight 5k race that the track team puts on.  Decided I was going to go for it from the gun and just see what I had.  Ended up running a 19:30 on the hardest course I’ve ever seen.  whole last mile was steeply uphill.  5:21, 6:19, 7:21/mile splits.  Died hard about half way through the race but was still able to hold on to my 10th position by virtue of the guys behind me cracking just as hard on the final hill.  Would have been very curious to see what I could have held on a flat course, but went out wayyyy too fast for my fitness level regardless, although since the goal of the race was to push hard to see what I could handle, I was pretty happy with everything.  Real hard race, real fun race.

Saturday – relaxed

Sunday – did the Linda Yalem Safety Run 5k with lisa.  Shes been training for this since the spring so it was a real important race.  We ended up running 30:40 by my watch, with pretty even splits.  last mile was slightly uphill the whole way and that made the difference between breaking 30 and not breaking 30 but it was still a great race, holding 9:45/mile.  probably a first and last for her, but who knows, thats how I feel about things after every hard race too!


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had an soccer game in syracuse with the guys and my left foot is still bothering me so I took wednesday off

thursday morning I did a 40+ mile bike ride up the normal river walk path. Averaged 16.3 mph, almost a full mph higher than I ever have before on this course so I was pretty happy with that. Best part was that I could have kept it up quite a bit longer. originally wanted to go for a much longer ride but sometimes studying and classes have to come first I guess haha (aka all the time right now)

evening swim to come after this test…

8 miles in the rough trail race report

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I ran the 8 Miles in the Rough trail race this past sunday and it was real challenging and real fun. Race started at 10 which was a nice change not having to get up at the crack of dawn for once. 8.7 mile race… here we go:

First mile of the run started off on paved road. I could have stayed in the lead pack but chose to run a 7:00-7:30 pace out of the gate no matter what everyone else did. I had a little fun over the weekend and also was just not feeling good enough to really crush the whole race. We entered xc ski trail for the next mile or so before hitting the serious trails. From mile 3-8 there was NO letup. Advanced level trail running was harder than I thought (especially in road running trainers). It was frustrating at times because I was running way slower at times than my fitness was letting me but I was simply not good enough at navigating the wet mud, roots, tree stumps, branches, running streams, and all the other perils of the course. I am pretty sure that I negative split the course however, which was a function of both pacing well and getting better at running on the trail. The last mile was entirely uphill though and that really just wrecked everyone.

Came out of the woods with a half mile to go and had more left than I thought. I was able to race down a guy from way behind and really finish strong. I ended up 14th of 156 and 2nd in my age group. Really fun first trail race. Enjoyed the technical nature of the course for sure and will be doing more trail races in the future without a doubt.

btw I finished in 1:12:13, at an 8:10/mile pace.. somehow the race results show me at 1:12:04 and a 8:17 pace.. not sure how that happened, but since its a trail race, who even cares. This compares to my 6:45 pace in the 15k 2 weeks ago pretty well, showing how much harder the running was on the trail than it is on a road!