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Monday Workout

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Week 16 of training since graduation… aka 4th “recovery” week. I’m doing a 15k road race, the Fleet Feet Run Into Buffalo, on Labor Day that I should be really recovered for. It will be my first race of the summer that I’ll have “fresh” legs for!

Anyway, did a 40 minute, 5.5 mile run today with 30 minutes of tempo running. Did it on the treadmill starting at a 6:58/mile pace and working it down to 6:30/mile pace by the end. The avg pace was probably around 6:50-6:53/mile or so.

Had a stomachache the whole time but legs felt great. I’m planning on going out in 6:30-6:45 pace for the 15k so this workout at least lets me know I’ll get to the 4-6 mile point on pace. Knowing I’ve done a 5k in low 6:40 pace as the tail end of my last triathlon I think I’ll be able to suck it up for those last 3-4 miles. If I am able to hold it together I might have a shot at breaking an hour (although 1:03-1:05 is probably a better bet). Looking forward to it.


East Aurora Road Bike Race Report

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8/29/2010 – East Aurora Road Race

The Race:
15 mile citizen’s road bike race in East Aurora, NY. It was my first ever bike-only draft legal race. Only 22 people in the citizens race made for a nice low key first bike race for me.

I started out at the back of the peloton since I really had no idea what to expect from the race. First few miles were real easy and I just focused on keeping the wheel of the guy ahead of me – a very different way of riding from what I’ve been getting used to with the triathlon time-trialing. We made a quick left turn up a hill and that’s where the race fell apart for me.

The front 6 guys accelerated up the hill, leaving the rest of the pack in the dust. I surged past everyone (I was still in the back third at this point) but they had gapped me by 10-15 seconds by the top of the hill. I decided to chase them down solo since no one else looked able to make the gap. Unfortunately I spent the next ~5 miles time trialing about 20-30 seconds behind the lead train, losing no ground but making up nothing. I kept looking over my shoulder to help but I had gapped everyone else by at least 2 minutes… I was alone.

At this point I realized that I was losing steam and had no chance of hooking back up with the lead group (who had been trading pulls the whole time and had to be much fresher than me by that point). I also knew there was a 2-3 mile climb near the end of the race that I needed something left for. I decided to let off the gas and let the next group catch up.

Finally 2 other riders caught me and I stayed with them for much of the rest of the race. On the last climb I couldn’t quite stay with one (frustrating b/c if I hadn’t burnt myself out I would have killed them) and I ended up 20-30 seconds behind them at the finish for an 8th place of 22 finish. A little disappointed that I didn’t get much drafting practice and that the lead group got away so quickly, but I have the confidence now for next time to stay near the front so this does not happen again. If I had stayed with the lead group I think I would have been in the mix for the entire race. Here are the stats:

878 total ascent (pretty much all in the last 2-3 miles)

19.6 mph avg (included having to stop at one point b/c the traffic volunteer pointed us the wrong way… I was up over 21 for most of the race but the final climb killed it)

8/22 overall, 2/3 in AG

Friday/Saturday Workouts

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easy bike – 55 minutes, 16 miles, 17.4 mph avg, 81 cadence avg

run (3 x 6 minute cruise intervals w/ 3 minute recovery) – 6:13, 6:24, 5:58 mile pace  (4.66 miles run total for workout)


Recovery Bike – 25 minutes on trainer (4 turns of resistance) – 7 miles, 15.7 mph avg

Recovery run – 3 miles w/ lisa

Last 7 days workouts

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I’ve been busy and got a bit behind on the blog… haven’t missed a workout though!

last saturday – 1:28:00 easy bike, 26 miles, 17.7 mph avg, 83 rpm avg

last sunday – 1:10:00 long run, 8.5 miles, 8:14/mile 

monday – 1:20:00 bike cruise intervals in park, 23 miles, 4 ten minute intervals w/ 5 minute recovery, averaged 20.0, 20.5, 20.1, 19.2 mph 

Tuesday Morning- 41:30 easy run, 5.25 miles, 7:47/mile

Tuesday Afternoon – 48:00 bike power, 15 miles, high 17.x mph avg for .7 mile power loop in park.  6 intervals

Wednesday – 1:21:00 long run, 10 miles, 8:17/mile pace, in park

Thursday – 2:26:45 long bike, 38 miles, 15.4 mph avg on riverwalk trail and bike trails north

Friday BRICK workout

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Body finally felt ready to move a bit after the practice this morning. Went for a morning road run with the guys, so I’m sure getting the miles on my legs this week. Here are the brick workout results though:

Bike: (hill workout – 10x hard from gate to stop sign (.69 miles)… recovery rest of loop)

Total Distance – 22.93 miles

1. 20.1 avg
2. 19.9 avg
3. 20.3 avg
4. 19.9 avg
5. 20.3 avg
6. 20.2 avg
7. 20.4 avg
8. 20.8 avg
9. 19.8 avg
10. 20.7 avg

Overall – 20.24 avg speed

Run (30 minutes tempo)

3.87 miles, 7:16/mile

felt really really good, esp considering how much I’ve done this week already.


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Played a lot of soccer. A few road runs with the team plus jumping into the scrimmaging now and then. Body NOT happy so I kept it at that for these two days. Even for a coach two-a-day practices are brutal

Tuesday Workout

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LONG morning Bike

Did my first half-century ride today. It was real tough, but I did it and reached my two goals –> 18+ mph avg, and 90+ cadence avg

Time: 2:44:00
Distance: 50.00 miles
Pace: 18.2 mph
Cadence avg: 92 spins/minute

very happy, very tired