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Friday off

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Went to Saratoga for the weekend… decided to take Friday off completely partly b/c of that and partly b/c my foot has been bothering me just a bit!


Foot Hurts?

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Am not doing my afternoon Bike/run brick. There has been a small pain on the outside of my right foot that I don’t want to be a problem. Taking off Friday while at Saratoga. I’ll get into the gym at the hotel Saturday morning and get on the bike and in the pool and lift. Sunday Hopefully I’ll do the Brick workout instead of a long run and salvage the last few days of training that matter before my first race next weekend. Priority one is to stay healthy though thats for sure!

Thursday Workout

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Morning Swim

Time = ~0:30
Distance = 500m
Paces – mostly worked on form but swam a 45 second 50m and 1:47 for 100m… tired from yesterday’s long swim I think

Wednesday Workouts

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Morning Long Swim

Time – 45:29
Distance – 2000m
Pace – 2:16/100m

So happy with this workout; my first ever real “long” swim. Was not pushing the pace at all until the last 5-600m or so; could have kept swimming for a long long time if I had wanted to.

Afternoon Easy Bike

Time – ~1:30:00
Distance – 19 miles
workout – Did 7 laps around a 2.25 mile loop. Practiced climbing/aero skills and also took in a lot of hydration and nutrition to see what my stomach can handle… felt great after yesterday

Wednesday Workouts

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Morning Easy Swim

Time – ~1 hour
Distance – 1900m
Times – 3:51 200m

Did mostly drills and ended with an easy 600m swim. Did a few faster 200m reps in the middle of the workout.

Afternoon Long Ride

Time – 2:56:47
Distance – 52 miles
Pace – 17.7 miles/hour
AVG HR – 129
Peak HR – 162

I was feeling really good until the last half hour. Must make sure I keep my HR under 130 AVG on future long rides. HUGE climb right at the halfway point just south of Dansville. Really proud how I made it up.

Monday Workouts

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Morning Swim:

Time: ~30 minutes
Distance: 500m
Best Times:
50m – 0:43
100m – 1:43

Wore Jammers and had new speedo tri goggles! I’ve lowered my 100m time by over 20 seconds between switching form and my bathing suit. Really excited to swim the next 3 days and get ready to really compete at the triathlon coming up in 2 weeks!!!

Evening Recovery Run

Time: 1:05:16

Distance: 7.12 miles

Pace: 9:09/mile

fun run; felt good

Week 9 Wrap Up

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Swim: 2750 meters

Bike: 66 miles

Run: 20 miles