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2 days until the Wilson sprint tri

Morning Long swim:

kept it at about a half hour b/c of the race in 2 days. Did a pretty easy 1500m in 34 minutes (2:16 per 100m). Went through the first 600m very easily in 13:09 (2:11 per 100m). Pretty sure I can do a 600m in around 12 flat right now if I wanted to. The open water will put a kink in that though I’m sure, but regardless I’ll hopefully be close enough after the swim to catch back up to most of the leaders on the bike (before they crush me on the run). Good workout

Mid Day Bike:

Kept it easy just going to Mt. Morris and back in 50 minutes.  13 miles.  Average pace of 15.6 mph.  Not bad for just hanging out on the bike.

Evening Bike

Did 4.25 miles in 18 minutes (14.2 mph avg) to test out the cheap bike computer I got for the race this weekend.  It matched up perfectly with my stats so I’m good to go despite not having a working garmin. 

2 days until my first tri!