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First time in my training where I thought I was going to die (although probably not the last). There was a 35% chance of thunderstorm around the end of a ~2:30 long ride I was planning today that I was really looking forward to down Route 408 into Nunda. So obviously I did it (despite how stupid it probably was). I made it all the way down without any rain, but that was not the case on the way back. last 45 minutes or so I got poured on and the roads flooded and a few lightning bolts flew (one a bit close for comfort). Despite it all I made it in a decent time. It was also my first time trying a few GU gels and a one water/one gatorade combo on the bike. First GU did not go down well, but the second one did when I ate it just a bit more slowly. I also think I might have drank a bit too much at the beginning of the ride, contributing to my slight discomfort after the first GU. Overall though i was very happy with how strong I felt through the ride. Here are the stats:

Time: 2:25:39
Distance: 36 miles
Pace: 14.83 mph
Elevation change: 702 ft
Avg HR: 136
MAX HR: 193

glad thats over; I’ll do that ride again in a second though.. would love to go a bit farther down the road even.


Monday Workouts

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Morning Easy Swim

Time = ~30 minutes
distance = 800m
workout: 6x100m @ 3 minutes per
1) 2:09
2) 2:20
3) 2:24
4) 2:23
5) 2:21
6) 2:19
Average: 2:20/100m

Evening Long Run:

Time: 1:17:10
Distance: 9.73 miles
Pace: 7:57/mile
AVG HR: 152
Peak HR: 169

Felt so much better than similar run 2 weeks ago.. gives me a lot of confidence going into the race this weekend