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Wednesday Mile Time Trial

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Hot Hot Hot pretty much describes the day. I did the time trial after watching the Tour de France stage at 12pm. It was roughly 90 degrees (felt like 94) with no wind and sunny. Disgusting pretty much. I was also a bit tired from a fast bike ride last night and swimming this morning.

I was hoping to run low 5:40’s, hopefully going out in around 1:20 for the first 400m and then holding on after that.

Ran the first 400m (plus a little to make up the full mile) in 1:26.9; a bit slower than i was hoping. Second lap I came through in 1:28.1. Third lap felt ok but I wasn’t able to really push the pace the way I wanted to throughout, coming through in 1:30.9. Last lap I was able to pick it up a bit, although not as fast as four weeks ago, finishing up with a 1:24.1 lap, and a 5:50.0 overall time.

The heat and tired legs played a factor, so overall not too upset with the time trial. Hopefully four weeks from now I’m able to throw down a 5:30’s mile time (or in that range) assuming the weather is a bit better. We’ll see.

Total 3 miles for the day


Wednesday Workouts

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Morning Swim:

Time: ~35 minutes
Distance: 850m
Workout: 3 x 200m and form drills
Paces: 200m repeats were between 4:50-5:00 (2:25-2:30 pace)… 23 second 25m sprint after trying to “catch” water more.. hopefully that speeds up my longer intervals. The good news is that I could have kept going, esp on the third 200m interval… open water swimming is the key for me I think.. legs still dragging in the water pretty badly also, so between not catching water well and leg drag I think I have my general answer as to why I’m so damn slow in the water

Tuesday Workout

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So I slept through my swim this morning… alarm was on vibrate.. bummer. I’ll add the 30 minutes to my bike on saturday.. easy week to switch times around since I’m only training 7.5 hours total.

evening bike:

Time: 53:40
Distance: 15.3 miles
Pace: 17.15
T1: 20
T2: 21

Great first transition.. getting real good at getting the shoes on and off. 19mph on the way back down lima road!! Pretty excited for my time trial thursday to see how much faster I’ve gotten with the new gear and better fitness and better shifting/etc