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Friday Workouts

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Morning half hour swim. Did 500m working on form only.

Evening did a half hour spin and a 10 minute run easy at the gym. Ready for this race tomorrow



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2 days until the Wilson sprint tri

Morning Long swim:

kept it at about a half hour b/c of the race in 2 days. Did a pretty easy 1500m in 34 minutes (2:16 per 100m). Went through the first 600m very easily in 13:09 (2:11 per 100m). Pretty sure I can do a 600m in around 12 flat right now if I wanted to. The open water will put a kink in that though I’m sure, but regardless I’ll hopefully be close enough after the swim to catch back up to most of the leaders on the bike (before they crush me on the run). Good workout

Mid Day Bike:

Kept it easy just going to Mt. Morris and back in 50 minutes.  13 miles.  Average pace of 15.6 mph.  Not bad for just hanging out on the bike.

Evening Bike

Did 4.25 miles in 18 minutes (14.2 mph avg) to test out the cheap bike computer I got for the race this weekend.  It matched up perfectly with my stats so I’m good to go despite not having a working garmin. 

2 days until my first tri!

Wednesday Workouts

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Morning Swim:

Did 700m easy just practicing form drills mostly. Did do a few 50m sprints in 45-47 seconds just for fun.

Mid-day Easy Bike

Easy recovery bike today after my long ride yesterday. Did 12 hilly miles in 50 minutes. Feel yesterday’s ride for sure but this felt good.

Evening Run

4 miles in 31:12… 7:48/mile pace.  Had to send the Garmin back and am not getting the new one until Monday……………..  Bought a cheaper bike computer for the weekend though that should be coming today so I’ll be able to use it on my short ride today to make sure it works alright.

Tuesday Bike

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Long Bike workout today:

44.75 miles
2:36:00 time
17.6 mph avg up to henrietta
16.76 mph avg back home

break in the middle at starbucks with lisa.. helped me feel a lot better than I have on other longer bike rides… thrilled with how fast I went without really pushing it

Monday Workouts

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Morning Swim:

~30 minutes
Distance: 1100m
5×200 (on 5 minutes)

Evening Run
Time: 54:36
Distance: 7.06 miles
pace: 7:44/mile

didn’t feel too easy but the pace explains why… foot was feeling it still at times; have to keep an eye on that

Sunday Workout

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Bike/Run Brick

~15 miles.. really fast but my new Garmin did not work very well so I’ll have to send that back. Not sure my average speed or time, but very very fast.

Fast.. got off the bike well and got the shoes on well. Ate my nutrition a bit too late on the bike and felt it a bit over the run.

ran a quick half mile to the track. Ran 2 miles timed on the track:
1:42 (6:44)
1:36 (13:35)

solid (3 miles overall)

Felt great; wish I had the bike information. My Garmin said I averaged 24mph, which I don’t think is true. That being said, I’m pretty sure I was well over 20, esp. on the way back. I guess I’ll just have to see on race day how fast I am though.

Saturday Morning Workouts

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had a great day yesterday at the track… won over $175 ($175.45, but who’s counting???).

Stayed over at the Albany Airport Hilton Garden Inn, which has an extremely small pool and a kickass treadmill. Did 30 in the pool (could only get in about 3 stroke sets a length, but worked on all the drills and turning and sighting and breathing, etc etc etc..) and 30 on the treadmill (just under 4 miles.. going most of the time at a high 7 minute pace (7:50ish?). Did the run without socks. Feel one slight hot spot on the inside of my left arch at the end but not bad. I’ll try to do at least one more run before the sprint tri next weekend without shoes. Maybe a 4-5 miler or something. Should be fine for the race though.

Bike/run brick tomorrow!

p.s. – foot felt fine, although I’ll see how it feels the rest of the day/tomorrow