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Wednesday Workouts

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Morning Swim:

Time: ~45 minutes
Distance: 1000m
200m – 4:49
100m – 2:08

slower than monday, but felt pretty comfortable swimming 1000m… could have gone past 200m slowly but without killing myself. Worked on strictly form drills for the last 200m. Hopefully within the next few weeks I’ll get my pace down closer to 2 flat. As long as I start improving, I wont worry about lessons. If/when I stop getting faster, I’ll worry about that!

Morning Bike:

Time: 1:19.31
Distance: 21.06
Pace: 15.9 mph
T1: 28.3
T2: 19.2

Felt awesome. Probably the best I’ve felt on a ride that long. Plenty of hills, but kept up a decent pace anyway without really killing myself at all.


Tuesday Workouts

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Morning Bike:

Avon and back
Time: 58:46
Distance: 15.88 miles
Pace: 16.21 mph
T1: 28.4
T2: 14.0

FREAKKIINNGGG WINDY!!!! I felt like I was going to get blown off my bike. I had to slow down several times on downhills b/c I felt out of control. That being said, I’m pretty pumped about my pace

Evening Run:

Around the track area
Time: 30 minutes
Distance: 3.5 miles
pace: ran the last mile on the track in 7:07.9 (1:47.2, 1:47.8, 1:47.9, 1:45.1).. tried to run as fast as I could without straining; felt good

After my run I practiced some soccer for 30 minutes (I’m building soccer training into my workout time)

Monday Workouts

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Morning Swim:

Time: ~30 minutes
Distance: 700m

25M: 26
50m: 58
100m: 2:06
200m: 4:45

Finally got into the groove on the 2nd 100 of the 200m swim. Looking forward to wednesday’s workout

Afternoon Long Run – all around Geneseo

Time: 1:18:09

Distance: 9.29 miles

Pace: 8:25/mile

Longest run of my life.  Was really hot, and that took a pretty big toll on my last 2 miles.  Even though they were downhill they were probably my slowest!  Overall pretty happy with how I felt and how I feel after; we’ll see tomorrow for sure though

Week Six Wrap Up

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10:10 of training

Run: 24.64 miles
Bike: 75.49 miles
Swim: 775 meters

Add in a solid race and I’m pretty happy with the week

Saturday Afternoon Bike

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I did my long bike the same day as my race so I could take sunday off. The USA lost their world cup game 2-1 in OT though so that cut my ride time down b/c I had a little dinner/movie night with Lisa!

Distance: 24.51 miles
Time: 1:33
Pace: 16.03 mph

T1 = 25 seconds, T2 = 17 seconds… great transitions

Went really easy.. was pretty flat but still this is awesome… flat course in a race I bet I could be in the 20’s?

Airport 5k Race Report (Rochester, NY)

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The night before the race I was working at the gym until 9pm. I did a light upper body workout before close and my whole body felt really good. Earlier in the day I did a 45 minute bike (see Friday workout) that also felt great. Had some sausage patties and mixed salad for dinner and made sure I was well hydrated. I got to bed around 11:30pm.

Race morning, I woke up around 6:30, had some coffee and a power bar for the ride to the race, leaving at 7:15. I arrived at the airport at 7:50, registered, grabbed my giveaway bag (more on this later) and walked around the Kodak Hanger.

My warmup started at 8:30, a half hour before the race. I ran about a mile and a half down and back on a local street, slowly increasing my pace up to race pace at the end. I walked back towards the course and did some plyometrics. 10 minutes before the race I took off my warmups and threw on my jersey. I did 4 strides and watched the opening ceremony and was pretty much ready to go. Only thing that was not ready was my bladder… I had to go to the bathroom but the portapotties had a huge line so tough luck.


Started in the first row all the way to the outside. got away cleanly and established a good pace down the first stretch of the course. The course was a down and back down and back setup (2 adjacent runways). I reached the end of the first straightaway in 4:48, rounding the turn in good position, feeling good. There was an official at the one mile mark calling out the splits. 6:02 was my 1 mile split, a ton faster than last weekend, but felt so much better. Training actually works! I slowed down slightly as the second straightaway took 5:01, but still was hanging in there at the half way point.

I grabbed water cup at the aid station and threw it over my face and head… now THAT felt good! In the third stretch, slightly uphill, I followed a tall dude for a while, right in his wake. Felt the drafting for sure. He started to slow so I latched onto two guys who ran by me about halfway down the straightaway. Up ahead about 50m down the run was a little african girl who had smoked me last week… I now had a goal besides time; beat the little girl!

I rounded the third turn with a 5:17 uphill split. Slowed down a little too much, but really not too bad especially after last week where my middle of the race pace really ballooned up. At this point there was just one long straight left so I was ready to go. I passed a few people right away and locked my sight onto the next racer in front of me: the little girl. I was able to outpace her with about 800m or so to go and never looked back. There were a few other guys within striking distance, but I just didn’t quite have the legs. My last stretch was my fastest though, at 4:42, which I was very pleased about. Once again, no one passed me in the last 3/4 of a mile or so, and I was able to pass several people. I really kicked the last 100m or so in and got quite the reception from the crowd which was really nice. I guess they appreciate people who do not use their energy evenly and save too much for the final kick!

My final time was 19:47, which placed me 22 out of 478, and 2 out of 17 in my age group! Talk about a good 2nd race for me; I was thrilled.

Post race:

I made the phone calls to the parents and girlfriend and then grabbed my gatorade and some salad they had. Unfortunately the donut holes were gone, but I guess I’ll live. For getting 2nd in my age group, I received a little silver medal and a $5 Chilis gift certificate as well as $5 for a movie rental. Here is the rest of the giveaways every runner received, all for a $17 entrance fee:

– 2 week free membership to World Gym (and personal training and tanning
– $10 off at Gander Mountain
– Free Small Frosty at Wendy’s
– 35 free music downloads at (THATS CRAZYYYY they give this one out.. hopefully there is no catch)
– Free slice of pizza at Cam’s Pizzeria
– $1 off a sub at DiBella’s Subs
– Free root beer at Tom Wahl’s
– Dick’s Coupons
– 1 free week at TSE Fitness
– Lifetime Assistance BOOK MARK!!!!
– Package of cookies I’m eating right now!

not to mention a pretty sweet tee shirt

Very successful morning and a lot of fun. I really hope I can do this race again next year. Next up for me is the Jungle Jog July 18th, so plenty of time to train for breaking 19 minutes.

here’s the results link:

Friday Bike

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Didn’t kill it but decided to raise the intensity just a bit on a shorter ride down to Mt. Morris and back

Distance: 13.06
Time: 44:50
Pace: 17.61 mph
T1: 32.90
T2: 24.36

still a few hills that slow the ride down, not to mention some wind. Have to imagine I could throw down 19-20 mph on a flat track at this point. For the first time timing my “transitions” I got the shoes on and off really quick!