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no, I have not died. no, I have not given up on sports. but for the last few months I have made the transition into putting all my hobby-time into cycling. with this, it seems like as good a time as any to start a new blog.

hope to see you there!

Bronx Duathlon Victory!

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Been busy with my physical therapy clinical, training, and racing lately.  Last thursday placed 5th of 17ish in a Pro,1,2,3,4 circuit race in Brooklyn.  Yesterday my mom ran her first 5k race ever, a tough hilly course in Lagrangeville, NY!  She ran the entire thing and ended up breaking 39 minutes and finishing exactly in the middle of the pack.  I also raced (last second decision) in less than appropriate running clothes and took second in 18:12 after sticking with the eventual winner for 2/3 of the race.  Today though, I won the Bronx Duathlon (on VERY SORE LEGS from those freaking hills yesterday).

Race was awesome.  Ran just over 5:40/mile pace for the first 2.9 mile flat run, shadowed the leader for the 6 lap technical, flatish bike course that ended up being a bit under 14 and a half miles, and then ran high 5:40’s/mile for the last 2.9 mile run, the last 2+ miles of it alone.  Runs were definitely near my limit (yesterday did NOT help haha) but I was never in any difficulty on the bike, which was a great sign.  Fun race.. hope to compete for the win again in West Hurley with similar distances next Sunday.


Such a technical course, i felt like I was on the horns half the race....

West Point Crits

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Short report:

– got dropped right at the end of the college B crit. FAST race.. started moving up well with 8 laps to go (.6 mile laps) but blew a turn and got shuffled to the back and then dropped. My fault, tough luck.

– stayed in the group for the duration of the cat 4/5 race. Was in the middle of the action and feeling good, looking to place high, when with 5 laps to go a West Point rider right in front of me broke his pedal. We came crashing to a stop and while i did not come off my bike I had to hammer for half a lap to catch the charging peloton. At that point it was all i could do to hang on for the finish and I had nothing left to contest the sprint.

West Point Collegiate B Road Race

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24 minutes into the 55 minute race my front wheel pinch flatted and I barely saved it around a high speed corner. YIKES!

Subsequently got to take a scary as hell ride in the back of an Army humvee. Thought I was going to get thrown out the back.. uphill TT and 2 crits tomorrow to make up for the busted race though

W.S. United Thursday night circuit race series RR

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Went down to Brooklyn to race the CAT 3/4 circuit race and came away with a 3rd place finish after staying away in a race-long breakaway. Here is the report I posted to the Buffalo Velo team page:

last nights race:

19.2 miles
24.2 mph
288 average power (297w normalized, 980w spike to make the break, 1065w max on final sprint)
95 average cadence

Flat, bumpy, wide open to winds triangular course (overgrown abandoned airport runways right on the water in south brooklyn). Hung in the ~35 person peloton for the first lap, figuring out the crosswind situation. Riders were not aggressive with positioning, making it easy to hang in the back third of the group completely sheltered by the wind as the first few breakaway attempts yo-yo’d off the front.

Eventually found myself sheltered from the wind near the front of the field when someone off my right shoulder made a strong move just before the road changed to a .75 mile tailwind stretch. I followed him and we quickly gapped the field down the back straightaway. One other rider bridged and off we went. For a few laps we were about 20-30 seconds up but all of a sudden we were up a minute, 1:20, and then with 4 laps to go we were almost a full 2 minutes up on the field. I was told later that several people attempted to bridge throughout the race but there was never enough organization to pull us back.

I knew the eventual winner was a good sprinter (i could hear the announcer talk about him every time we came through the start/finish) so I tried to get away on the backstretch of the last lap. I gapped the other two for a bit but they pulled me back heading into the finishing stretch. We all started our sprints wayyyy too early and it was probably pretty pathetic looking by the time we finally got to the line, esp with the headwind finish (and especially me). Real good time and I had a few friends from the city watching/giving me splits at the start/finish every lap which was nice.

CAT 5 –> 4 upgrade!

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got approved tonight. not hard to become a CAT 4 road rider, you just need enough “mass start/finish” bike races under your belt. Now that I’m a “cat 4” rider though I’ll be racing to get 20 points (you get points for high finishes) ASAP to upgrade to CAT 3. I hopefully will make that jump this summer if all goes well. It will be fun racing for points now (and money) instead of just racing to race.

6 x 800m.. almost

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did some 800’s on the old high school track today. ended up doing 5 800’s and 1 400, all on 2:40 rest:

1 – 2:41
2 – 2:37.5
3 – 2:37
4 – 2:36
5 – 2:38
6 – 1:18

have been feeling pretty fatigued this week. think its a mixture of being home with different food, running on hills for the first time in forever, and post-stressful finals week of no sleep and tons of caffeine. All things considered, these times came very easy to me and I only stopped the last one short b/c i didn’t want to put myself under at all with such a big weekend of racing coming up. Body starting to feel good again for sure.

New Haven Easter Sunday Criterium

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Finished up the ECCC race weekend with a combined “C” field of 60 riders. Course was more or less a flat 1 mile rectangle. I started near the back to have the opportunity to take the turns “my way” a few times. Lap 2 I started moving up on the outside and was probably about 20-25 riders deep when a crash occurred just in front and to the left of me on a straightaway. 5 or so riders went down and the carnage spread over to my side of the road, boxing me into the curb/woods. I came to a complete stop and was delayed several seconds before i was able to roll around the edge of the wrecked riders and the woods. Unfortunately there was no catching the break. I caught one guy who seemed fairly strong and we traded pulls and ALMOST caught the peloton when they rang the bell for the first Prime. This accelerated the pack and took them out of reach.

We ended up collecting 3 other guys off the back of the pack (who were almost no help but nice company i guess?) and pace lined the whole race. I was highly motivated for the first 2/3 of the race because I needed to stay on the lead lap to gain credit for a “mass finish” to help me upgrade to CAT 4. Once I saw we were going to maintain the pack (never more than 20-30 seconds back) I relaxed a bit near the end.

Place: 42/60
Time: ~ 38 minutes
Distance: ~ 15 miles
Speed: 23.5 mph
Power: 271 watts (281 normalized)
Cadence: 99

Next race is in Long Island on Thursday with Sal. 17 mile circuit race. Then I’ll be in West Point over the weekend for my last college series weekend! Hoping for some better results

New Haven ECCC Bike Racing, Day #1

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New Haven Day #1:

9am – 4.03 mile uphill TT, 510 feet climbing. Road bike only (no areo equipment):

Race was so early that I did not have time to pre-ride course. Between getting confused/lost on turns (my responsibility) and having a car pull out in front of me (bad luck..) I was real frustrated by the end… Not sure of placing, results not up yet:

Time: 12:52
Distance: 4.03 miles
Speed: 19.0 mph
Average Power: 313 watts (315 normalized)
Cadence: 95

11:30am – 14.8 mile circuit race, 1350 feet climbing:

Course was a 4 mile loop, straight up a hill and straight back down over and over again. Highly technical descent left me hammering back onto the lead group at the bottom of each circuit (although did get better at it each time..). Started with ~35 riders and with one lap to go were down to 8 after dropping a lot of the field on the third time up the climb. I felt good at this point and was thinking about maybe having a chance to drop the other guys the last time up the climb (hilltop finish) when the lead motorbike stopped us FOR 2 MINUTES because we were catching the race ahead of us(instead of slowing them down and letting us go by). That let another 15+ riders catch back up to the field. I subsequently got stuck behind slow riders last time down the descent, barely made the distance back up to the lead pack on the flat, and had nothing to give on the last time up the climb. Finished with the lead group of 15 or so but had nothing for the last quarter mile uphill surge to the line. Disappointing day.

Time: 43:44
Distance: 14.8 miles
Speed: 20.6 mph
Average power: 248 watts (285 normalized)
Cadence: 94

Crit tomorrow.. looking to salvage the weekend.. legs feel awesome

10 x 400m

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Solid workout today. 10 x 400m w/ 2 minutes rest between each. Gave the workout pretty much everything I had: